Ya'akov Geri

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Ya'akov Geri
Geri yaakov.jpg
Date of birth 18 September 1901
Place of birth Seda, Russian Empire
Year of aliyah 1934
Date of death 18 December 1974(1974-12-18) (aged 73)
Ministerial roles
1950–1951 Minister of Trade and Industry

Ya'akov Geri (Hebrew: יעקב גרי‎, born 18 September 1901, died 18 December 1974), also known as Jack Gering.[1] was an Israeli lawyer who served as Minister of Trade and Industry between November 1950 and October 1951, although he never was a Knesset member.

Born in Seda in the Russian Empire (today in Lithuania),[2] Geri later moved to South Africa. He studied law and humanities at the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Johannesburg, and worked as a lawyer for several years before emigrating to Mandatory Palestine in 1934.[3] After arriving in Israel he initially worked for Dov Yosef's law firm before being appointed secretary of the Africa Palestine Investment Company in 1935.[3][4]

On 1 November 1950 Geri was appointed Minister of Trade and Industry in David Ben-Gurion's second government, a post he held until 8 October 1951. After his term as Minister he became head of a group of South African companies in Israel.[5]


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