Ya'akov Ben-Yezri

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Ya'akov Ben-Yezri
Date of birth(1927-10-01)1 October 1927
Place of birthFes, Morocco
Year of aliyah1949
Date of death17 February 2018(2018-02-17) (aged 90)
Place of deathKfar Saba, Israel[1]
Faction represented in Knesset
Ministerial roles
2006–2009Minister of Health

Ya'akov Ben-Yezri (Hebrew: יעקב בן-יזרי‎, 1 October 1927[2] – 17 February 2018) was a MoroccanIsraeli politician. He served as a Knesset member on behalf of Gil and as the country's Minister of Health between 2006 and 2009.[3]


Ben-Yezri was born in Fes in Morocco, and made aliyah to Israel on 30 November 1949. In 1955, he was elected to Pardes Hana local council, serving until 1963. In 1958, he became a clerk at Clalit health services, a job he worked in until 1993. He also served as a regional director for the company between 1974 and 1993. He is also a former national chairman of the Health Funds' Workers Organization and chairman of the Health Funds' Pensioners Organization.

He was voted into the 17th Knesset in the 2006 elections, and was subsequently appointed Minister of Health in Ehud Olmert's government. Ben-Yezri, a confessed smoker, later caused controversy when he lit up whilst being interviewed on television.[4]

He was placed fourth on the Gil list for the 2009 elections, but the party failed to cross the electoral threshold, and he lost his seat.


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