Yadgar Muhammad Mirza

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Yadigar Muhammad directs here, for the last khan of Kazan Khanate see: Yädegär Möxämmäd

Yadgar Muhammad Mirza (died 1470) was the Timurid ruler of Herat in opposition to Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqarah for 6 weeks of 1470.

Yadgar Muhammad Mirza was born to Sultan Muhammad bin Baysonqor, who was a grandson of Shahrukh Mirza. It was his family ties that caused Uzun Hasan, sultan of the Ak Koyunlu confederation, to hand over to him Abu Sa'id Mirza after defeating him at the Battle of Qarabagh and capturing him in 1469. Abu Sa'id, who had previously ordered the execution Shahrukh Mirza's wife, was killed by Yadgar Muhammad Mirza.

Later in 1469, Uzun Hasan had Yadgar Muhammad Mirza proclaimed as Abu Sa'id's successor and provided him with Timurid forces so that he could take over Khurasan, which was then controlled by Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqarah. Although Yadgar Muhammad Mirza was defeated by Husayn in battle in September, fresh reinforcements were sent by the Ak Koyunlu leader. Furthermore, two of Uzun Hasan's sons arrived to assist him. Eventually Husayn was compelled to evacuate Herat, which Yadgar Muhammad Mirza occupied in July 1470. Despite this, his troops were unreliable and Husayn reentered Herat six weeks later. Yadgar Muhammad Mirza, who was captured, was promptly executed by his enemy. He was the last descendant of Shahrukh Mirza to play a dominant role in the politics of the Timurid principalities.


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Yadgar Muhammad Mirza
Preceded by
Abu Sa'id Mirza
Timurid Empire (in Herat)
Succeeded by
Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqarah