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Yan may refer to:


Yan (燕) was the name of several states in Chinese history:

  • Two states that existed during the Zhou dynasty:


  • Yan, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Yan, Kedah, district in Malaysia
  • Yan, historic village of the Haida people of Queen Charlotte Islands in the Canadian province of British Columbia
  • Yan Mountains, in North China


  • Yan (surname), romanization for several Chinese surnames
  • Yan, Cantonese transcription of surname Zhen (甄)
  • Yan, transliteration of the name "Ян" (Jan) from the Russian language
  • Yan Emperor, one of the legendary emperors of ancient China
  • Yan, Marquis of Tian (died c. 370 BC), 4th-century BC ruler of the state of Qi
  • Jacob Mikhailovich Gordin (1853–1909), writer pseudonym Yan, Ukrainian-American Yiddish-language playwright
  • Yan (musician), stage name of Jan Scott Wilkinson, English songwriter/lead singer of indie rock band, British Sea Power, founded in 2000
  • Yan Gaylit (1894–1938), Soviet corps commander
  • Yan Karlovich Berzin (1889–1938), Soviet military commander and politician
  • Yan Klukowski (born 1987), English professional footballer
  • Yan Rudzutak (1887–1938), Bolshevik revolutionary and a Soviet politician.
  • Amanda Yan (born 1988), Canadian athlete, in wheelchair basketball and other sports
  • Martin Yan (born 1948), Chinese-Canadian/American television chef; star of Yan Can Cook, carried by PBS and Food Network
  • Rico Yan (1975–2002), Filipino Actor and Matinee Idol
  • Vasily Yan (1875–1954), Russian writer


  • Yan Lifts, commonly known name for Lift Engineering, aerial chairlift manufacturing company which ceased operation in 1996

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