Yang Mao-liang

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Yang Mao-liang
Native name 楊茂良
Organization Peace Myanmar Group
Known for Member of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army

Yang Mao-liang (Burmese: ရန်မိုးလျံ; Chinese: 楊茂良; also spelled Yang Mouliang) is a high-ranking member of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA).[1] He was ousted by Feng Jiasheng from MNDAA and Kokang.[2] He also controls an enterprise called Peace Myanmar Group, which holds the franchise for Mitsubishi Electric in Burma and operates a paint factory and liquor distillery (producing local brands like Myanmar Rum and Myanmar Dry Gin).[3]

Peace Myanmar Group is used to launder and reinvest MNDAA's drug profits in the legal economy.[4] Yang's brother, Yang Mao-xian, was executed in 1994 by China for his involvement in trafficking heroin into southern China.[4]


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