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Yaochidao (瑤池道 "Way of the Jasper Lake"), also known by the name of its corporate form the Holy Church of the Jasper Lake or Yaochi Church, or by the older name of Cihuitang (慈惠堂 "Church of the Loving Favour"), is a Chinese folk religious sect related to the Xiantiandao lineage, with a strong following in Taiwan and active as an underground church in the People's Republic of China, where it is theoretically a proscribed sect.[1]

It existed before the 20th century and it is focused on the worship of Xiwangmu (the "Queen Mother of the West").[2]


Members of Yaochidao wear blue uniforms, and perform a variety of ritual and practices including divination of inspired scriptures, chanting of scriptures, exercises of body cultivation, gods' mediumship and other forms of charismatic religious praxis.

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