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Yellow is a color.

Yellow may also refer to:

Books and comics[edit]

Film and television[edit]


  • Pokémon Yellow version, the fourth (and final) installment in the first generation of Pokémon games


Other uses[edit]

  • Yellow pages, a telephone directory of businesses, organized by category
  • Yellow people or Mongoloid race, a term referring to people of East Asia and North Asian origin
  • Yellow Transportation, a United States freight company
  • Yellow baboon, Papio cynocephalus, a species of baboon
  • Yellow, a chain of convenience stores operated by Paz Oil Company Ltd.
  • Coliadinae, a subfamily of butterflies often called the yellows
  • FD&C Yellow 5, the food coloring tartrazine
  • [NC]...YellOw, the alias used by Hong Jin-Ho, a professional StarCraft player from South Korea
  • Yellow, a mascot for the M&M's candy
  • Yellow, a farce in two acts by Del Shores
  • Yellow journalism, or yellow press, a type of journalism that uses exaggerations and sensationalism
  • Yubu (app), a social media application formerly called Yellow

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