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Developer(s)Twelve APP
Written inEnglish
Operating systemiOS & Android
Available in10 languages
Alexa rank13,199 Increase

Yubo (formerly called Yellow) is a social media app for teens created by 3 former French engineering students at École Centrale Paris and Télécom ParisTech.

One of the main concepts of Yubo is to create video live streams with up to 10 friends and make new friends with the same age. The app also offers a swiping feature to swipe on friends of similar age and messaging features . As of January 2019, Yubo has more than 20 million users worldwide.[1]


Recently, some safety advocates and governments have supported Yubo’s safety efforts to put in place substantial safeguards on their app and create a proactive “engage and educate” approach for their community.[2] “I applaud Yubo for extensively reworking its safety features to make its platform safer for teens. Altering its age restrictions, improving its real identity policy, setting clear policies around inappropriate content and cyberbullying, and giving users the ability to turn location data off demonstrates that Yubo is taking user safety seriously” says Ms Inman Grant. Australian e-safety Commissioner.[3]


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