Yellow Second

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Yellow Second
Origin Denver, Colorado, USA
Genres power pop
Years active 1999-2005
Labels Floodgate Records
Urban Achiever Records
Associated acts Five Iron Frenzy, The Rocket Summer
Members Scott Kerr
Josh Hemingway
Brett Bowden
Sammy Sharon
Past members Andrew Verdecchio
Joey Sanchez
Matt Woll
Nathan Marcy

Yellow Second was a melodic power pop band from Denver, Colorado formed in 1999 by Scott Kerr and Andrew Verdecchio, both members of the ska band Five Iron Frenzy.

During their six-year stint, the band released three albums, June One, Still Small, and Altitude (See: Discography). Additionally, several completed, though commercially unreleased tracks (referred to as "B-sides"), were made available for download on the band's official website. These tracks were entitled Waiting For No One, Velocity, Everything is Changing, and Return Receipt Requested. In late 2005, Yellow Second's disbandment was announced via the official Myspace account as well as the official website.

Scott Kerr, Yellow Second's foreman, claimed that his goal in the formation of the band was "writing good songs which are musically interesting but also accessible".[1] Other themes include personal failings, romance, and allusions to the writing process.

On 22 June 2009, Yellow Second released the song "Something to Do with You" on MySpace.


Yellow Second played a reunion show on May 9, 2008 at the Hi-Dive in Denver, Colorado, performing alongside the musical acts The Little Ones and Kissing Party.

Also, according to a recent interview with drummer Andy Verdecchio, the band scheduled to play a show at Moe's Original Barbeque in Denver, Colorado.[2]

In "The Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy" DVD released in 2010, Scott Kerr described Yellow Second as "on-again, off-again," with no ambition of doing music for a living.

In 2011 John Warne of Relient K joined Yellow Second and they began work on a new album.[3] However, in late 2013 after joining the reunited Five Iron Frenzy, Kerr said that "There isn’t really a plan to do another [Yellow Second] record at this point."[4]


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