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Compilation album by Dark Tranquillity
Released May 27, 2009
Recorded 1991–1994
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 52:53
Language English
Label Century Media
Producer Dark Tranquillity
Dark Tranquillity chronology
We Are the Void
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Yesterworlds is a compilation album by the Swedish melodic death metal band, Dark Tranquillity. It features their previously released and unreleased material: the demo version of Trail of Life Decayed, the EP version of A Moonclad Reflection, an unreleased promo tape from 1994 along with a song taken from the W.A.R. Compilation.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Midwinter (Intro)" 0:56
2. "Beyond Enlightenment" 4:49
3. "Vernal Awakening" 5:22
4. "Void of Tranquillity" 7:36
5. "Unfurled By Dawn" 7:24
6. "Yesterworld" 7:56
7. "Punish My Heaven" 4:43
8. "Away, Delight, Away" 5:19
9. "The Gallery" 4:11
10. "Punish My Heaven" 4:37

Track information[edit]

  • Tracks 1-4 were originally released on the Trail of Life Decayed demo
  • Tracks 5-6 were originally released on the A Moonclad Reflection EP
  • Tracks 7-9 are promo versions from a 1994 tape and have not been previously released
  • Track 10 was originally released on W.A.R. Compilation Vol. 1 from 1994