Yi Chung

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Yi Chung
Hangul 이청
Hanja 李淸
Revised Romanization I Cheong
McCune–Reischauer I Ch'ŏng

Prince Yi Chung of Korea (born 23 April 1936) is a member of the former Imperial Family of Korea and the genealogical male-line heir of Emperor Gojong.[1] He is the eldest son of Prince Wu of Korea who inherited the title of Prince Heung with the 4th head of Unhyun Palace and his wife Princess Chanju, a granddaughter of Marquis Park Yeonghyo who was a son-in-law of King Cheoljong of Joseon.

He was nine years old when he inherited Unhyeongung, where Emperor Gojong was born, because his father, a colonel in the Imperial Japanese Army, was killed by the atomic blast that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. In 1947, his father's elder brother, Prince Gun (Momoyama Ken'ichi) acquired Japanese citizenship. This made Prince Chung the likely direct heir of his grandfather, Prince Imperial Ui, who died in 1955.

In 1991, Prince Chung gave his ancestral home of Unhyeongung to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the death of his mother.

At present, he is de jure genealogical heir to the headship of the Imperial family when male primogeniture is applied. However, he has not taken an active position on the debate between leadership of Imperial family between his two relatives, Hereditary Prince Imperial Won (a first cousin and the son of the 9th son of Prince Ui) and Princess Haewon (aunt and second eldest daughter of Prince Ui).


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