Yili horse

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Country of originChina
Distinguishing featuresSmall horse breed used for riding, draft, meat and milk. Developed from Russian and Mongolian stock

The Yili is a small horse from the north-western Xinjiang region of China.


They are compact in conformation with a light head and straight profile. The withers are well pronounced and the back is short and strong, though the loin is long. The legs are clean.[1] Yili horses are normally bay, chestnut, black or gray[2] and are an average height of 14 hands high.[1]

Breed history[edit]

Yili horses originated around 1900 from Russian breeds crossed with Mongolian stock.[2] Don, and Don-Thoroughbred crosses as well as Orlov Trotters were used from 1936 on to improve the native horses. In 1963 the decision was made to aim for a draft-type horse.[1]


Yili horses are used for riding and driving, and also bred for their meat and milk.[2]


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