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Young Stationers' Prize with engraved winners as of 2018

The Young Stationers' Prize is an annual prize awarded by the Young Stationers' Committee of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, a City of London Livery Company to a young person under 40 years of age who has distinguished themself within the Company's trades.

Launched in 2014 by Pádraig Belton, the inaugural Chairman of the Young Stationers' Committee, the prize is a pewter plate (donated by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers) onto which each winner's name is engraved, which is held by the winner for the duration of their year, and presented to their successor winner in an annual ceremony held at Stationers' Hall. Proxime accessit / accesserunt prizes were also awarded at the discretion of the Judging Panel.

In 2018 the format of the Young Stationers' Prize was updated by Dominic Graham, second Chairman of the Young Stationers' Committee, to include subsidiary sector-specific Young Stationers' Awards.[1][2][3] A certificate was also introduced for all recipients, using paper produced at Frogmore Paper Mill, the oldest surviving mechanical paper mill in the world, and printed by Benwell-Sebard, one of London's oldest letterpress printers, and with gold foil blocking by Shepherds Sangorski & Sutcliffe, one of the oldest bookbinders in the United Kingdom.

Following the Young Stationers' Prize and Awards in 2018, Ella Kahn succeeded Dominic Graham as chair of the Young Stationers' Committee.[4][5][6] Ella was the joint winner of the Third Young Stationers' Prize in 2016, and has been a Freeman of the Stationers' Company since 2012.

List of Young Stationers' Prize winners[edit]

Young Stationers' Prize - shortlisted candidates[edit]

First Young Stationers' Prize, 2014[20][21][edit]

Second Young Stationers' Prize, 2015[22][edit]

Third Young Stationers' Prize, 2016[23][edit]

  • Ella Kahn, literary agent, co-founder, and director at Diamond Kahn & Woods (joint winner)[24]
  • Bryony Woods, literary agent, co-founder, and director at Diamond Kahn & Woods (joint winner)
  • Heidi Blake, investigations editor at BuzzFeed UK (proxime accessit)
  • Daisy Buchanan, journalist, author, and broadcaster (proxime accessit)
  • Amy Hutchinson, Marketing and Communications Director at BPIF (proxime accessit)
  • William Brewster, global media relations at EY
  • Sarah Campbell, co-founder and editorial director at Rowman & Littlefield International

Fourth Young Stationers' Prize, 2017[25][26][27][edit]

  • Ian Buckley, Managing Director of Prima Software (winner)
  • Dr Alice Curry, founder of Lantana Publishing
  • Anthony Cond, Managing Director of Liverpool University Press
  • John MacPherson, co-founder and director of Bright Red Publishing

Fifth Young Stationers' Prize, 2018[28][29][edit]

  • Shane Tilton – assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Ohio Northern University (winner)
  • Marie Cannon, knowledge and information officer at Clifford Chance (Award for Books and Archiving)
  • Salma Haidrani, journalist (Award for Journalism and Communications)
  • Callum Edwards, digital marketing manager at Prima Software (Award for Office Products and Supplies)[30]
  • Julie Chen, co-founder and director at The Cheeky Panda (Award for Print, Paper, and Packaging)
  • Nina-Sophia Miralles, co-founder and editor at Londnr (Award for Print, Paper, and Packaging)

Sixth Young Stationers' Prize, 2019[31][edit]

  • Amy Hutchinson, CEO of BOSS Federation (winner)
  • Dan Coshall, managing director of Office Oracle (Award for Office Products and Supplies)
  • Dhara Snowden, senior commissioning editor at Rowman & Littlefield (Award for Publishing, Digital and Design)
  • Lewis Stevenson, head of sales, design, and marketing for Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery (Award for Print, Paper, and Packaging)
  • Neil Barrett, founder and director of Enbecom (Award for Communications and Journalism)[32]

Dates and speakers for Young Stationers' Annual Dinner[edit]


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