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Yukon Gold
Genre Documentary, Reality
Written by Michael Lavoie (Season 1)
Aynsley Vogel (Season 2)
Narrated by Bill Courage
Opening theme "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant
Composer(s) Adam Lastiwka
Country of origin  Canada
Original language(s) Canadian English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 31
Executive producer(s) David Paperny
Cal Shumiatcher
Audrey Mehler
Beth Wichterich
Producer(s) David Paperny
Cal Shumiatcher
Vera Lubimova
Christine Brandt
Location(s) Klondike region, Yukon (Season 1 – present)
Cassiar Country, British Columbia (Season 1)
Cinematography Simon Schneider
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Paperny Entertainment
Original channel History Television
Original release March 13, 2013 – present
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Yukon Gold is a Canadian reality television series produced by Paperny Entertainment that airs on History Television. The series follows four placer mining crews as they search for gold over the four-month Yukon mining season. In the first season, miners Ken Foy, Al McGregor, Bernie Kreft, and Karl Knutson each led one of the crews.[1] Cam Johnson’s group replaced Bernie Kreft’s crew in the second season.[2] Nika Guilbault and Chris St. Jean’s group replaced "Big Al" McGregor’s crew in the third season.[3][4]

The series was acquired in the United States by National Geographic Channel and aired starting in 2013.[5]



Season Episodes Special(s) Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
  1 10 13 March 2013 15 May 2013
  2 10 26 February 2014 30 April 2014
  3 10 1 25 February 2015 6 May 2015

Season 1 (2013)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
1 1 "Sluice or Die" 2013 March 13
Gold mining season begins in Dawson City, Yukon, and the countdown to winter is on. Newcomer “Big Al” worries his season could be over before it starts when his excavator named ‘Big Girl’ fails. Further south, Bernie struggles not only to teach his young sons how to be miners, but also to find gold. In Moose Creek, best friends Ken and Guillaume cannot get their sluice machine “The Beast” up and running – and without it, their entire season could be a bust.
2 2 "No Deaths, No Worries" 2013 March 20
It is week three for mining crew Ken and Guillaume and non-stop rain jeopardizes their cut. On Sulphur Creek, young crew boss Karl has no sluice machine, and no sluicer means no gold. Karl’s father Marty, a highly respected self-made miner, builds a new one from scratch. While Karl waits, he struggles to keep his crew on task – and live up to his father’s high expectations. Big Al tests new strategies – and new equipment – on a fresh claim. If only he could keep his machines running.
3 3 "The Curse of Moose Creek" 2013 March 27
Mining season in the North is in full swing, but for Ken and Guillaume equipment problems mean they are only sluicing half of what they should be. Karl must deal with mistakes his crew make and design flaws on the massive sluicer his dad Marty built. Bernie packs it in at McDame and moves his operation to Snow Creek, hoping his fortune is about to change.
4 4 "Gold Fever!" 2013 April 3
With the weeks passing quickly, Ken and Guillaume’s dreams of striking it big are starting to fade as they face continual equipment breakdowns and a crew member who goes AWOL. Bernie’s decision to move to Snow Creek seems to be paying off, if only he can get his sons to step up and meet his expectations. Al McGregor’s pay streak is threatened when he breaks a hitch trying to move his sluice plant.
5 5 "Hard Days Night" 2013 April 10
Karl Knutson is shocked to learn just how quickly the season is passing, and with one water issue after another, his opportunity for a big payday is dwindling just as fast. A faulty clutch on Al McGregor’s sluice machine results in a shutdown; it’s a race to get it fixed and get back to work, even if it means working around the clock.
6 6 "Never Say Die" 2013 April 17
Ken and Guillaume try to reverse their bad luck by moving across Moose Creek. Bernie has to deal with mistakes made by his junior crew. And Karl’s night crew is starting to slow him down.
7 7 "Run for the Narrows" 2013 April 24
Guillaume is ready to give up on Bad Attitude altogether, potentially sending half the crew home early. A frozen sluice box traps Karl’s gold causing him to confront his crew. The crew lets off some steam on a moose hunt. Over at Indian River, Hiro battles beavers for precious sluicing water and Big Al decides to try an unconventional mining technique.
8 8 "Winter Gamble" 2013 May 1
Ken makes a dangerous drive for fuel when winter hits early. Matt’s mistake could cost him his job. Karl has a bad day with a frozen sluice plant, broken truck, burst pipe, and a visit from Dad. And Bernie’s pay streak suddenly ends just as he loses a crew member.
9 9 "The Last Stand" 2013 May 8
Ken moves The Beast and finally hits a mother lode of gold. But breakdowns could end Bernie’s season early. And Big Al moves his sluice plant to its final site – his profit pit.
10 10 "Freeze Up" 2013 May 15
In a dangerous attempt to replenish fuel, Ken risks everything to keep his sluice plant running before it and his pay dirt are covered in snow. Karl ignores his father’s advice, intent on scooping up whatever unfrozen ground remains. And Big Al’s rookie season on Indian River comes to a close, but mounting equipment failures and a tired crew may prevent him from reaching his magic number.

Season 2 (2014)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
11 1 "Behind the Eight Ball" 2014 February 26
Karl hopes to score 100 ounces of gold in one week. Ken weighs the cost of an eager but careless hand who keeps breaking equipment. Big Al has to replace big iron without a big payday.
12 2 "In for a Penny, in for a Pound" 2014 March 5
Ken sinks big money to dig out a narrow cut. New miner Cam’s big payday is threatened by fire. Karl’s experienced but unreliable operator forces his hand.
13 3 "It's Ours to Take" 2014 March 12
Ken loses a machine when he can’t afford to pay his debts and his crew. Big Al smells gold in the ground, but gets shut down by equipment breakdowns. Dennis has to scrape $10,000 out of hostile ground to replace a part or face permanent shutdown.
14 4 "What Doesn't Kill You..." 2014 March 19
Ken fights a double mutiny when his plant and a crew-member go rogue. Cam’s veteran welder is struck down and airlifted to hospital. Karl’s crew encounters a bear.
15 5 "Know When to Hold ‘Em" 2014 March 26
Ken’s wife visits to discover he’s on the verge of going broke. Big Al’s excavator takes a nosedive. Karl’s season is threatened by permafrost.
16 6 "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" 2014 April 2
Dennis’ hunt for gold proves unsuccessful. Ken breaks a machine in his haste to sluice. Karl’s cut floods, putting his season in jeopardy.
17 7 "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" 2014 April 9
Ken takes a roll in his bulldozer. Beavers threaten to shut down Big Al. Karl’s loader springs a leak.
18 8 "In It to Win It" 2014 April 16
Crews are racing to rip through ground as winter descends. Ken and right-hand man Guillaume fight to keep the Beast sluicing through subzero temperatures only to discover the dirt they’ve banked on has run dry. Cam’s plans to mine an ancient waterfall go sideways when the treacherous ground threatens to bench his iron for good. Karl and right-hand man Kyle’s mechanical skills are put to the test when the season takes its toll on Sulphur Creek’s operation.
19 9 "Know When to Fold ‘Em" 2014 April 23
The short Yukon gold mining season is almost over, and crews are battling the elements in a mad push for gold. Ken is forced to call in reinforcements when winter hits Moose Creek hard. Cam hits an impenetrable ice wall that freezes him out of his cut and moves to risky new ground only to have crucial iron go down. Big Al’s plans to rip through promising dirt are sidelined when his only stripping dozer suffers a catastrophic breakdown that puts right-hand man Hiro’s mechanical skills to the ultimate test.
20 10 "Know When to Run" 2014 April 30
The miners battle nature’s wrath in an epic final push for gold. Ken’s bid to pull 100 ounces out of hot ground goes sideways when the mine runs out of fuel, forcing him to shut down sluicing and fight his way up Moose Creek’s treacherous road in a desperate bid to get to a fuel station at the top. Karl’s race to mine Sulphur Creek out so he can stake his own claim is benched when one of his crew deals his prize sluice plant a near fatal blow. Big Al follows his gut to high-stakes ground only to be shut out when his only stripping dozer goes down for the count.

Season 3 (2015)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
21 1 "Fresh Start" 2015 February 25
Ken and Guillaume travel over a dangerous mountain pass; Cam worries about getting Gary into the country; Chris and Nika have a difficult start to their season.
22 2 "Game Changer" 2015 March 4
Cam takes a risk on a pricey water cannon; a piece breaks on Karl's sluice plant; Ken and Guillaume test for gold.
23 3 "Time Crunch" 2015 March 11
Cam and his crew hurry to begin sluicing Donovan cut; Karl motivates his crew; Chris and Nika face a sluice plant breakdown.
24 4 "Under Pressure" 2015 March 18
Stressed, Chris and Nika butt heads; Cam faces machine failures and contaminated fuel; Ken and Guillaume find traces of gold.
25 5 "Divine Intervention" 2015 March 25
Cam hits permafrost, forcing him to shut down the plant; Ken and Guillaume abandon Arizona Creek; Karl gambles with broken equipment.
26 6 "Financial Crisis" 2015 April 1
Chris and Nika face financial hardship; Cam's son-in-law is determined to find gold; Ken and Guillaume make a deal with a mining veteran.
27 7 "Bedrock Blues" 2015 April 8
Karl hopes to make a profit at Last Chance; Chris and Nika move to Stowe Creek; Cam and his wife melt the gold they've collected and find they're way below their target.
28 8 "Desperation Mode" 2015 April 15
Chris and Nika's mine hand Charles gets injured, leaving them short-handed; Cam gives Donovan Cut one final try to save his season; Ken and Guillaume up their recovery system in hopes of catching finer gold.
29 9 "Home Stretch" 2015 April 22
Ken and Guillaume face a dangerous situation; Karl begins sluicing the drained swamp at Last Chance; Cam weighs in for his final sale.
30 10 "Final Push" 2015 April 29
Nika and Chris push through the final week of the season; low temperatures freeze Karl's sluicing plant; Ken and Guillaume try to make up for their disappointing season.

Season 3 Special (2015)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
31 11 "Looking Back" 2015 May 6
The miners recap their highs and lows of the season.


Season 1[edit]

  • Don – placer gold cleaner, Dawson City, Yukon
  • Ken & Guillaume’s group
    • Ken Foy – second generation miner
    • Guillaume Brodeur – Ken’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Dennis Foy, Ken’s father
    • Kina – bookkeeper, Ken’s wife
    • Martyn
    • Matt
    • Wes
    • Tanner (episodes 1 – 4)
    • Megan, camp cook (episodes 1 – 4)
  • Al McGregor’s group
    • "Big Al", Al McGregor – new miner
    • Hiro, mechanic
    • Eric, friend of Al
    • Jeremy
    • Rebecca
    • Jim – "night shift", friend of Al
    • Mike – "night shift", friend of Al
  • Bernie Kreft’s group
    • Bernie Kreft – prospector
    • Jarret Kreft, son of Bernie
    • Justin Kreft, son of Bernie
    • Kyle, friend of Jarret & Justin
  • Karl Knutson’s group
    • Karl Knutson – second generation miner
    • Marty Knutson, Karl’s father
    • Kyle – Karl’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Andrew, friend of Karl
    • Leigh, friend of Karl
    • Darwin, friend of Karl

Season 2[edit]

  • Don – placer gold cleaner, Dawson City, Yukon
  • Ken & Guillaume’s group
    • Ken Foy – second generation miner
    • Guillaume Brodeur – Ken’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Kina – bookkeeper, Ken’s wife
    • Matt
    • Martyn
    • Jethro (episodes 7 – 10)
    • Curtis – camp cook
    • Dan & John Jones, claim owners
    • Riley (episode 4)
    • Dennis Foy, Ken’s father (episodes 9 & 10)
  • Al McGregor’s group
    • "Big Al", Al McGregor – miner
    • Hiro, mechanic
    • Eric, friend of Al
    • Jeremy
    • Carl
    • Doug
    • "Skin"
    • Mike – "night shift", friend of Al
  • Cam Johnson’s group
    • Cam Johnson – miner, claim partner
    • Dennis Poirer – mechanic, claim partner and Cam’s brother-in-law (episodes 1 – 6)
    • Kevin – miner, claim partner
    • Beven, Cam’s brother
    • Jeanine – camp cook, Cam’s wife
    • Ashlyn, Cam’s daughter
    • Chase Edwards
    • Joel
    • Gary Ramsay (episodes 1 – 4)
  • Karl Knutson’s group
    • Karl Knutson – second generation miner
    • Marty Knutson, Karl’s father
    • Kyle – Karl’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Andrew, friend of Karl
    • Doug, friend of Karl
    • Erik – camp cook
    • Jaime, friend of Karl
    • Darwin, friend of Karl (episodes 1 & 2)

Season 3[edit]

  • Simon Masoneuve – placer gold buyer, Dawson City, Yukon
  • Ken & Guillaume’s group
    • Ken Foy – second generation miner
    • Guillaume Brodeur – Ken’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Stewart Schmidt – claim backer
    • Tom Morgan – prospector
    • Gary Crawford – claim owner, Cripple Hill
    • Kim Bowlby - Devin Gold Exploration
    • Kina – bookkeeper, Ken’s wife (special episode)
  • Nika & Chris’ group
    • Nika Guilbault – miner, claim partner
    • Chris St. Jean – miner, claim partner
    • Zyla, their daughter
    • Charles – right-hand man
    • Shanelle (episodes 3 – 7)
    • Shari (episodes 3 – 6)
    • Adena, Nika's sister (episodes 1 – 7)
    • Sabina, Nika's mother (episodes 8 – 10)
    • Nevada, their daughter (special episode)
    • Hunter, their son (special episode)
  • Cam Johnson’s group
    • Cam Johnson, miner
    • Jeanine, Cam’s wife
    • Caleb, Cam’s son
    • Ashlyn – miner, Cam’s daughter
    • Jasmine – camp cook, Cam's daughter
    • Chase Edwards – miner, Cam's son-in-law
    • "Oklahoma" Gary Ramsay (episodes 1 – 6)
    • Aron, friend of Cam
    • Jake
    • Armon Johnson, Cam's brother
    • Lewis, Cam’s uncle
    • Jeff Bond – geologist, Yukon Geological Survey; Yukon Department of Energy and Resources
    • Marcel Hebert – hammer drill operator
  • Karl Knutson’s group
    • Karl Knutson – second generation miner
    • Marty Knutson, Karl’s father
    • Maryann Knutson – miner, Karl’s mother
    • Kyle – Karl’s right-hand man, mechanic
    • Jaime, friend of Karl
    • Andrew, friend of Karl
    • Doug, friend of Karl


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