Yun Chi-sung

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Yun Chi-sung
Revised Romanization Yun Chi-sung
McCune–Reischauer Yun Chi-seong
Pen name
Hangul 악연
Revised Romanization Ag-yun
McCune–Reischauer Ahk-yeon

Yun Chi-sung (hangul:윤치성, hanja:尹致晟, March 2, 1875, Asan - August 11, 1936) was an Imperial Korean general, politician and independence activist. His nickname was Ahkyeon (악연, 岳淵). He was the uncle of Yun Bo-seon, and the cousin of Yun Chi-ho and Yun Chi-Wang.

Yun was studying in Japan and returned his country[1] after being commissioned to shavetail of Imperial Korea. In 1905, he was veterans to the Russo-Japanese War. Returnees since worked at the Department of Defense of the Korean Empire, also appointed to department of Defense Education supervisor.[2] In 1905, he was joined to anti movement against of Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905 also he was identity of the soldiers.

In September 1907, Emperor Gojong's equerry, later he was promoted to Lieutenant General. in August 1910, since retired after Korean was Japanese annexation, he was retired and became a businessman.[3] After he was require the cooperation of Japanese refused.


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