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Zack Peter
Born Peter Zachary Gonzalez
Los Angeles, California, U.S.[1]
Occupation Comedian, Writer/Author, Activist
Years active 2009–present
Website Just Plain Zack

Zack Peter (Born Peter Zachary Gonzalez) is an American comedian, writer, and activist. He first received recognition for his advocacy work for autism awareness as the creator of the Play Now for Autism and Laugh Now for Autism event-chains. He has written a total of four books and currently hosts the weekly podcast, #NoFilter with Zack Peter.

In 2009, He was even named one of 2009's Teens that Inspire by

Zack was also featured in The Parents' Guide to Raising CEO Kids by Sarah Cook.[2]

In November 2011, Zack was awarded the Outstanding Youth Volunteer award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.[3]

He is also featured in the upcoming documentary, Sibling Warrior: Healing My Brother's Autism, featuring his family's journey with his brother with autism, which is set to debut in 2017.[4]

Early life[edit]

Peter grew up in Los Angeles, CA. His mother's name is Nancy. She was a contestant on the Sci-Fi reality show Estate of Panic and was even pranked by Zack on Lifetime's Prank My Mom. She is also an autism advocate and is currently married to Chef William "Jay" Quesada, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles. His father is a paralegal. He has a total of six siblings. Two from his mother (Elijah Joeb and Ethan) and four from his father.[5]

Peter was raised Catholic attending all Catholic schools growing up, including Little Flower Missionary House, Sacred Heart Elementary School, and Cathedral High School. After his third year of high school, Peter left Cathedral to attend Kaplan Academy of California (an online high school), where he graduated.[6]



In March 2009, Zack organized and hosted the first Play Now for Autism event. The fundraiser was a sporting event for children with autism. The event raised over $2,000 which was donated to help autism research. Play Now for Autism eventually became an annual event. Zack says that he started Play Now for Autism in honor of his younger brother with autism, Ethan, also known as "Deets."[7]

Following Play Now for Autism, he then began hosting his internet talk-radio show, "it's on with Zack." The show started in July 2009 and ended in December 2011. On the show, Zack interviewed guests active in the autism community, covered recent news, and hosted debates.[8]

In October 2009, his first book, Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism was released.

In 2011, he launched an awareness-promoting t-shirt line titled AUTISM AWARENESS by Zack. The line was later placed on hiatus and officially closed production by 2012.[9]

Also in 2011, Zack branched off Play Now for Autism, creating Laugh Now for Autism: a brand of fundraising comedy shows around the United States.

He continues to promote autism awareness and fundraising for the cause, speaking at autism conferences around the nation.


In 2011, Zack announced that he would be focusing more on his career in entertainment as a comedian. He has hosted and headlines for different shows on the Laugh Now for Autism comedy tour and has performed nationwide at popular comedy clubs, including the world famous Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. He has even performed with comedians from Chelsea Handler's hit late-night talk show on E!, Chelsea Lately.

Also in 2011, he started his own comedy production company originally named Zack G. Comedy Productions. In 2012, the company was renamed Just Plain Funny Productions, following the launch of his 'Just Plain Zack' brand.

He has written two comedy books, Charity Bites! and When Life Hands You Lemons. . . Throw Them At People!. He has also produced and written a variety of comedy shorts and comedic commercials.

He hosted the short-lived YouTube series Just Plain Ridiculous with Zack and Ry from 2012 to 2013.

In April 2015, he began hosting #NoFilter with Zack Peter, a weekly entertainment podcast.


Zack has authored and self-published three books: Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism, Charity Bites!: The Untold Stories of the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Autism Activism, and When Life Hands You Lemons. . . Throw Them At People: A Book About Growing Up, Screwing Up, and Moving Up, with Just an Ounce of Maturity. His first book was published when he was sixteen, and his third when he was nineteen.

Zack Peter signing books at the Saving Deets! book launch in November 2010.

He writing has also been featured on a variety of site, including Conscious Magazine,[10] POPSUGAR,[11] and Yahoo!.

He was the head writer for his shows, "it's on with Zack" and "Just Plain Ridiculous with Zack and Ry."

His fourth book, A Shot Of Hope, was released in October 2014 with Skyhorse Publishing.[12]

Published Works[edit]

  • Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism (2009)
  • Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism, Second Edition (2010)
  • Charity Bites!: The Untold Stories of the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Autism Activism (2011)
  • When Life Hands You Lemons. . . Throw Them At People! (2012)
  • A Shot of Hope: Real Wisdom From a Real Sibling Warrior Providing Real Hope for Autism (2014)



Title Dates Role Notes
Prank My Mom 2012 Participant Zack and his mother were participants on the hidden camera show. Prank: "Match dot Mom"

Web series[edit]

Title Dates Role Notes
it's on with Zack June 2011-November 2011 Host Peter hosted, wrote, and produced the show. (8 Episodes)
Just Plain Ridiculous with Zack and Ry October 2012-October 2013 Host Peter hosted, wrote, and produced the show with musician Ry Matthews.


Title Dates Role Notes
it's on with Zack July 2009-December 2010 Host Peter hosted and produced the radio broadcast. (18 Episodes)
#NoFilter with Zack Peter April 2015- Host Peter hosts and produces the weekly podcast.


Year Award Category Result Notes
2009 MSAAFinc. Award Young Hero's Literary Work of the Year Won Won for Saving Deets!
2009 Recognition 2009's Teens That Inspire Won Recognition (not official award)
2011 Association of Fundraising Professionals Award Outstanding Youth Volunteer Won Nominated by Generation Rescue. Zack accepted the award in Los Angeles on November 16, 2011.
2013 WEGO Health Activist Award Hilarious Health Activist Nominated Announced by WEGO Health on October 10, 2013; results pending.[13]


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