Zadié Department

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Zadie Department in the region
Zadie Department in the region
Country Flag of Gabon.svg Gabon
Province Ogooué-Ivindo Province
Population (2003)
 • Total 15,204
Time zone GMT +1 (UTC+1)

Zadié is a department of Ogooué-Ivindo Province in northern-eastern Gabon. The capital lies at Mékambo. As of 2003 the department had a population of 15,203 people.[1] The department has a population of Bakoya pygmies, settled here since about 1933 along the main roads from Mékambo to Mazingo and Mékambo to Ekata on the Congolese border.[2] The area received international press for outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in 1994 and 1997.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The department contains the following administrative divisions. The population as of the 2003 census is given:[1]

  • Commune de Mékambo (4,971)
  • Canton Bengoué (1,050)
  • Canton Djouah (3,379)
  • Canton Loué (3,769)
  • Canton Sassamongo (2,035)

Coordinates: 1°01′N 13°56′E / 1.017°N 13.933°E / 1.017; 13.933


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