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Al-Zawarib is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon. The surrounding district can be seen on the map.
Coordinates: 34°31′57″N 36°03′34″E / 34.53250°N 36.05944°E / 34.53250; 36.05944Coordinates: 34°31′57″N 36°03′34″E / 34.53250°N 36.05944°E / 34.53250; 36.05944
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Akkar
District Akkar
 • Mayor Ramez Naddour (Elected May 2016)
Elevation 200 m (700 ft)
Time zone +2
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Zawarib, Al-Zawarib, Zouarib (Arabic: الزواريب) is a village in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon, situated on a hill above the Akkar valley and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Zawarib is surrounded by the village of Miniara from the South and Sheik Taba from the North.

Social life[edit]

The village population is around 1000 many of them live outside Lebanon. 344 persons voted in the 2004 municipal elections to elect 9 village council members. All the village residents are Christians with a majority of Greek-Orthodox.[1]


The major families in Zawarib are: Greige , Tohme, Naddour, Matar, Nader, Farah, Farfour, Saoud, Chahoud, Wehbe, Fakhoury, Habib, and Daas.[citation needed]

Education and Employment[edit]

There is a relatively high number of literacy in the village. There are a few prominent PhD holders, and much more Master’s degrees holders especially among the young generation. The most prominent intellectual personality from Zawarib is Dr. Suheil Farah, a professor in history who was the first foreigner to be granted the highest award of the Russian Academy. Other occupations include: Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and employees in the public sector. Many of the poorly educated youth are enrolled in the Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces with many highly ranked officers among them.[citation needed]


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