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The project Zemships (Zero Emissions Ships) developed the FCS Alsterwasser, a 100 person hydrogen-power passenger ship, power-assisted by an electric motor that gets its electricity from a fuel cell. The first boat[1] operates on the Alster in Hamburg since 2008. The keel laying at the SSB shipyard in Oortkaten was on 4 December 2007.[2]


The hydrogen station will be a storage tank with 17,000 liters of hydrogen for refueling.[3] Compression is done with an ionic liquid piston compressor.[4]


Boat for 100 passengers, 25.56 m long, 5.2 m wide, electric motor 100 kW, a hydrogen storage tank 350 bars, with two 48 kW PEM fuel cells (140 V DC) and an integrated battery (7 x 80 V, 360 Ah).

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