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Zenvo ST1
2009 Zenvo ST1.jpg
ManufacturerZenvo Automotive A/S
AssemblyZealand, Denmark
DesignerChristian Brandt and Jesper Hermann
Body and chassis
ClassSports car (S)
Body style2-door coupé
LayoutMid-engined, rear wheel drive
Engine7.0 L Twincharged LS7 V8
Power output1,104 PS (1,089 bhp; 812 kW)
Transmission7-speed automated manual
6-speed manual
Wheelbase3,055 mm (120.3 in)
Length4,665 mm (183.7 in)
Width2,041 mm (80.4 in)
Height1,198 mm (47.2 in)
Curb weight1,688 kg (3,721 lb)
SuccessorZenvo TS1 GT

The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance sports car manufactured by Danish company Zenvo Automotive. It is the company's first model and is manufactured almost entirely by the hands of a small team of workers, with the exception of a CNC router.

Vehicle data[edit]

Zenvo ST1 at the Geneva Motor Show

The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance sports car. It's Twincharged 7,011 cc (7.0 L; 427.8 cu in) LS7 V8 engine[1] generates 1,104 PS (1,089 bhp; 812 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 1,430 N⋅m (1,055 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,500 rpm.[2] According to The Motor Report, the car set a 0–100 km/h (62 mph) time of 3.0 seconds, with 0–200 km/h (124 mph) taking 8.9 seconds, and a top speed of 375 km/h (233 mph).[3]

The ST1 is made entirely by hand with the exception of a high performance, 5 axis CNC router. The ST-1 comes equipped with keyless entry, satellite navigation, telescopic steering wheel adjustment and electrically adjustable leather racing seats.[4]

The car has a list price of €660,000.[5] The price for registering the car in Denmark is around DKK 16 million (€2,143,952) as a result of the country's high registration taxes; however, Zenvo is aiming at the export market only.[6] Production is limited to 15 cars.[7]


Zenvo claim the ST-1 is entirely a result of Danish design. The car was designed by Christian Brandt and Jesper Hermann.[8] The carbon fibre body was made in Germany and many components such as gauges, gas tank, ABS brakes, traction control and airbags come from American or German made cars.[9]


Top Gear[edit]

The Zenvo ST1 was critically panned by the British motoring program Top Gear after a series of unfortunate accidents during filming of a segment for the show, including the car catching fire after a cooling unit failure. Another car from the company eventually finished a complete timed lap of the (wet) Top Gear Test Track; the resulting time was worse than the time of a BMW M5,[10] also on a wet track. Zenvo responded to Top Gear with a statement published on the Danish website Pro Street.[5]

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2015[edit]

At this event, the Zenvo ST1 caught on fire, forcing the driver to bail out as quickly as possible. Zenvo said the fire was caused by fuel line problems.[11]

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