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Zev Siegl (born December 28, 1942 in Alameda, California) is an American entrepreneur.

Early life[edit]

Zev Siegl was born to an jewish American family[1][2][3] on December 28, 1942 in Alameda, California.


In 1971 Zev Sigel, teacher Jerry Baldwin, and writer Gordon Bowker established Starbucks Coffee Company and opened the original store in Seattle, Washington.[4] Siegl, a former history teacher, was the only paid employee in the early days of the company.[citation needed] After ten years as Vice President[citation needed] he left Starbucks in 1980, which by then had expanded to six Seattle-area stores and a wholesale business.[5]

Zev Siegl is also a founder of Quatermaine Coffee Roasters in Washington, DC, Peerless Pie in Seattle, and BuckleUp, later renamed Socialbeesstrategy.com.[citation needed]

From 2004 until mid-2012 he served as the Lead Advisor of the Small Business Development Center for Southwest King County (Seattle).[6]

Personal life[edit]

Siegl lives in Seattle, Washington.[citation needed]


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