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Zhang Yang
Chinese name 張揚 (traditional)
Chinese name 张扬 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Yáng (Mandarin)
Born 1967
Occupation Film director, screenwriter, actor
Zhang Yang
Traditional Chinese 張揚
Simplified Chinese 张扬

Zhang Yang (simplified Chinese: 张扬; traditional Chinese: 張揚; pinyin: Zhāng Yáng; born 1967) is a Chinese film director, screenwriter, and occasional actor. He is the son of Zhang Huaxun, who is also a Chinese film director.

Zhang grew up in Beijing, studied until 1988 at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong, from which he graduated with a degree in Chinese literature, and then went to the Central Academy of Drama (中央戏剧学院), graduating in 1992.[1]


Zhang Yang uses a realistic style, and achieved great recognition for his 1999 independent production Xizao (洗澡; English translation: Shower), which was successful at Chinese box offices as well as international film festivals. This was followed in 2001 by Zuotian ("Quitting" in its American release). The actors in this unusual story about a real actor, Jia Hongsheng, and his struggle with drug addiction are Jia himself, Jia's parents, fellow inmates in a mental institution, the director, Zhang, and others playing themselves. The relationship between parents and their grown children is as central to this film as it was in Shower.


As director[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Pinyin Notes
1997 Spicy Love Soup 爱情麻辣烫 Àiqíng málàtàng Elected for competition at 1998 Tokyo International Film Festival. First independent Chinese film to achieve domestic box office success.[2]
1999 Shower 洗澡 Xǐzǎo
2001 Quitting 昨天 Zuótiān
2005 Sunflower 向日葵 Xiàngrìkuí
2007 Getting Home 落叶归根 Luòyèguīgēn
2010 Driverless 无人驾驶 Wúrén jiàshǐ
2012 老人愿 Lǎorén yuàn
2012 Full Circle 飞越老人院 Fēiyuè lǎorényuàn
2015 Paths of the Soul Selection of 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.[3]
2016 Soul On A String

As actor[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Pinyin Role
2002 Spring Subway 开往春天的地铁; Kāi wǎng chūntiān de dìtiě Lao Hu


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