Zhongjin Gold

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Zhongjin Gold
Industry Mining, non-ferrous metals
Headquarters Beijing, China
Area served
China and foreign countries
Key people
Zhaoxue Sun (Chairman of the Board), Yueqing Li (Secretary of the Board, Jinding Wang (General Manager)
Products Non-ferrous metals including gold, copper, and platinum
3.3 billion yuan
Total assets 8.0 billion yuan

Zhongjin Gold is a Chinese mining corporation mainly focusing on non-ferrous metals, such as gold, copper, and platinum. They are China's largest gold producer. The corporation is based in Beijing, and holds mines in across China. They recently acquired two large gold production companies in Shandong, after winning a bidding war against Shandong Gold. The company's largest single gold mine in the Dazhuohan mine, producing 500,000 metric tones concentrate a year. They are currently traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as "Company 600489", and are listed on Forbes "Asian Fab 50" list. As they are generally considered China's most powerful gold corporation, they often do business with many foreign companies and entities.

Key Company Officials[edit]

Chairman- Zhaoxue Sun
Directors- Xin Song, Congsheng Liu, Bing Liu, Haiqing Du
General Manager- Jinding Wang
Secretary of the Board- Yueqing Li
Deputy General Managers- Nailin Zhang, Ruixiang Wang, Weihua Qu

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