Zigetangcuo Lake

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Zigetangcuo Lake
Zigetangcuo Lake is located in Tibet
Zigetangcuo Lake
Zigetangcuo Lake
Location of Zigetangcuo Lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.
Location Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region
Coordinates 32°00′N 90°44′E / 32.000°N 90.733°E / 32.000; 90.733Coordinates: 32°00′N 90°44′E / 32.000°N 90.733°E / 32.000; 90.733
Type meromictic
Basin countries China
Surface area 18,700 ha (46,000 acres)
Surface elevation 4,560 m (14,960 ft)

Zigetangcuo Lake (Chinese: 兹格塘错)[1] is a crenogenic[2] meromictic lake[3] in the North Tibetan Plateau.[4] It is located in Nagqu Prefecture, north of Dongqiao.[5] It has an area of 18,700 ha[2] at an altitude of 4560 meters.[6] It is the meromictic lake with the highest known altitude.[2]


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