Nyainrong County

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Nyainrong County
Location of Nyainrong County within Tibet
Location of Nyainrong County within Tibet
Nyainrong County is located in Tibet
Nyainrong County
Nyainrong County
Location in Tibet
Coordinates: 32°06′34″N 92°18′08″E / 32.10944°N 92.30222°E / 32.10944; 92.30222
Country China
Province Tibet
Prefecture-level city Nagqu
Capital Nyainrong
 • Total 9,017 km2 (3,481 sq mi)
Elevation 4,700 m (15,400 ft)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Area code(s) +(086)0896

Nyainrong County (Tibetan གཉན་རོང་རྫོང་ ; Wylie gnyan rong rdzong; Chinese: 聂荣县; Pinyin: Nièróng Xiàn) is a small county within Nagqu of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Yurla is a favourite of the people of the county.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°27′21″N 92°29′23″E / 32.45583°N 92.48972°E / 32.45583; 92.48972