Zona Rosa de Bogotá

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Zona Rosa de Bogotá (the "Bogotá Pink Zone") is a neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia with many pubs, restaurants, malls, shops and discos. It is located between Calles 79-85 and Carreras 11-15. The Zona Rosa is mostly frequented by upper-class Colombians, as prices here tend to be higher than average, with covers for discotecas ranging from $5,000-25,000 COP. Nightlife options include European-style pubs, exclusive clubs, small shops selling beer, open bars (all you can drink), and lounges. Many varieties of music can found within the Zona Rosa, and live music and DJs are always present on the weekends.

This neighborhood is also known as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Latin America. The Bogotá Pink Zone also has "The T Zone", which is a T intersection non-vehicular street with many different restaurants.

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