Zyuratkul National Park

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Zyuratkul National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Zyuratkul range and Zyuratkul lake.JPG
Zyuratkul' range and Zyuratkul' lake as seen from Nurgush range.
Map showing the location of Zyuratkul National Park
Map showing the location of Zyuratkul National Park
Location Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia
Coordinates 54°50′56″N 58°56′26″E / 54.84889°N 58.94056°E / 54.84889; 58.94056Coordinates: 54°50′56″N 58°56′26″E / 54.84889°N 58.94056°E / 54.84889; 58.94056
Established 1993

Zyuratkul National Park (Russian: Зюраткуль) is a Russian national park established in 1993 in the southern part of Satkinsky Raion (Chelyabinsk Oblast, Urals). The park lies about 30 km south of Satka and 200 km west of Chelyabinsk.

Notable features include Zyuratkul' Lake, a rare mountainous body of water for the Urals 754 m above sea level, with a surface area of 13,2 km2 and a maximum depth of 8 m. Water is slightly mineralised (≈50 mg/L). Because of its clear water and spectacular landscape around, Zyuratkul' is often called "Ural Ritsa".[1]

Also remarkable is a number of mountain ranges, among them Zyuratkul' range (8 km in length, rising 1175 m in its highest point). Another range, Nurgush, is the highest point of Chelyabinsk Oblast with a height of 1406 m.


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