1905 AAA Championship Car season

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1905 AAA Championship Car season
AAA National Track Championship
Races 11
Start date June 10
End date September 29
National champion United States Barney Oldfield
Previous season Next season
None 1909

The 1905 AAA Championship Car season consisted of 11 races, beginning in The Bronx, New York on June 10 and concluding in Poughkeepsie, New York on September 29. There was also one non-championship event in Detroit, Michigan. The AAA National Champion was Barney Oldfield. This was the first year AAA awarded a National Champion and for reasons unknown, they did not award another official champion until 1916. Though not historically considered the first year of the American Championship Car Racing title due to only featuring short sprints on dirt ovals,[citation needed] This was the first time in the western hemisphere that a racing champion was declared based on points.

Schedule and results[edit]

All races running on Dirt Oval.

Rnd Date Race Name Location Track Winning Driver
1 June 10 New York Morris Park 5 Morris Park The Bronx, New York Michigan Louis Chevrolet
2 June 17 Connecticut Hartford 5 Charter Oak Park West Hartford, Connecticut Ohio Barney Oldfield
3 June 26 New York Empire City 10 Empire City Speedway Yonkers, New York Michigan Louis Chevrolet
4 June 29 Pennsylvania Brunots Island 10 Brunots Island Track Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Michigan Louis Chevrolet
5 July 4 New York Morris Park 1 Morris Park The Bronx, New York Iowa Webb Jay
NC August 8 Michigan Grosse Point 5 Grosse Point Track Detroit, Michigan Iowa Webb Jay
6 August 14 Ohio Glenville 5 Glenville Driving Track Cleveland, Ohio Ohio Charles Burman
7 August 19 New York Buffalo 5 Kenilworth Park Buffalo, New York Ohio Barney Oldfield
8 September 9 Massachusetts Readville 5 Readville Trotting Park Readville, Massachusetts Ohio Barney Oldfield
9 September 18 New York Syracuse 5 New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse, New York New York Guy Vaughn
10 September 23 Rhode Island Providence 5 Narragansett Park Pawtuxet, Rhode Island Ohio Barney Oldfield
11 September 29 New York Poughkeepsie 5 Hudson River Driving Park Poughkeepsie, New York Ohio Barney Oldfield
  Non-championship race

Leading National Championship standings[edit]

 #  Driver Team Points
1 Ohio Barney Oldfield Peerless "Green Dragon" 22
2 Michigan Louis Chevrolet Fiat 90 16
3 Iowa Webb Jay White Steamer 7
4 Michigan Dan Wurgis Reo Bird 32 6
5 New York Guy Vaughn Decauville 5
6 Ohio Charles Burman Peerless 4
7 Italy Emanuel Cerdino Fiat 4
8 New Jersey Montague Roberts Thomas 3
9 New York Herbert Lytle Pope-Toledo 3
10 France Maurice Bernin Renault 1
11 Massachusetts Frank Durbin Stanley 1

In 1951, Victor Hémery, winner of the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup, was retroactively awarded a National Championship.