2007 attack on tourists in Yemen

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2007 Yemen tourist attack
Location Mareb, Yemen
Date July 2, 2007 (UTC+3)
Target Belgian Tourists
Attack type
Car Bomb
Deaths 10
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Al-Qaeda

The 2007 Yemen tourist attack was a car bomb attack on Spanish tourists visiting the Queen of Sheba temple in Mareb, Ma'rib Governorate on July 2, 2007.


A member of Al-Qaeda rammed an explosive-laden car into a tourist convoy killing 8 Spanish tourists, 2 Yemeni Drivers, and injuring 12.[1]


On August 8, four militants died in a Yemeni security forces raid near Mareb, one of them Kassem al-Raimi, who was the top al-Qaeda operative who masterminded the attacks. Raimi was involved in other operations and was one of 13 convicted prisoners who escaped from a Sanaa prison in 2006.

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