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For the currently-existing research and development division of AT&T Inc., formerly SBC Laboratories, see AT&T Labs.
AT&T Laboratories, Inc.
Formerly called
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
Industry Research & Development
Fate Absorbed
Predecessor Bell Laboratories, Inc.
Successor AT&T Labs
Founded 1925 (1925) in Florham Park, New Jersey
Founder Alexander Graham Bell
Defunct 2005 (2005)
Headquarters Florham Park, New Jersey
Products Multiple patents
Owner SBC Communications
Number of employees
Parent AT&T Corporation
Website AT&T Labs website under old AT&T

AT&T Laboratories, Inc. was the research & development division of AT&T Corporation. It was founded in 1925 as Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., following the merger of the research & development divisions of American Telephone & Telegraph and Western Electric.


For history from 1925 to 1996, see Bell Laboratories.

In 1996, most of Bell Labs was spun off into Lucent Technologies, along with AT&T Technologies, formerly Western Electric, and the Bell Labs name. Research dealing with telephone equipment and most physical research went to Lucent; a smaller number of researchers dealing with voice technology, network management, and software stayed with AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc., which was now renamed AT&T Laboratories, Inc. Locations include Shannon Labs in Florham Park, NJ and Middletown, NJ.

In 2005, SBC Communications purchased AT&T Corporation, and changed its own corporate name to AT&T Inc. The operations of AT&T Laboratories were then absorbed into SBC's R&D division, SBC Laboratories, which then was renamed AT&T Labs, Inc.

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