Abortion in Serbia

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Abortion in Serbia was legalized in its current form (in Serbia and the other former Yugoslav republics) on October 7, 1977.[1][2] Abortion is available on-demand for women whose pregnancies have not exceeded the tenth week, and in the case of risk to life or health of woman (no limit specified), or when the pregnancy has resulted from a sex offence (including rape or incest), or in case of fetal impairment up to twenty weeks.[2] Minors require parental consent before undergoing an abortion.[1] Official data from the Belgrade Institute of Public Health claims that 23,000 abortions are performed in Serbia annually.[3][4] Furthermore, doctors who want to perform abortions have to obtain a license; because the process of obtaining this license can be strict and complicated many doctors work illegally without a license, and do not report the abortions that they perform.[1]

As of 2010, the abortion rate was 10.7 abortions per 1000 women aged 15–44 years.[5]