Acidalia Planitia

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Acidalia Planitia
Acidalia planitia topo.jpg
Coordinates 46°42′N 22°00′W / 46.7°N 22.0°W / 46.7; -22.0Coordinates: 46°42′N 22°00′W / 46.7°N 22.0°W / 46.7; -22.0

Acidalia Planitia is a plain on Mars. It is located between the Tharsis volcanic province and Arabia Terra to the north of Valles Marineris, centered at 46°42′N 338°00′E / 46.7°N 338.0°E / 46.7; 338.0. The plain contains the famous Cydonia region at the contact with the heavily cratered highland terrain.

The plain is named after a corresponding albedo feature on a map by Giovanni Schiaparelli, which was in turn named after the mythological fountain of Acidalia.

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In the novel The Martian by Andy Weir, the protagonist gets stranded on this plain when a NASA Mars mission goes wrong.[1]


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