Arnuwanda III

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See also Arnuwanda I and Arnuwanda II
Arnuwanda III
Parents Tudhaliya IV
Relatives Nerikkaili (uncle)
Hattusili III (grandfather)
Puduhepa (grandmother)
Suppiluliuma II (brother)

Arnuwanda III was the penultimate king of the Hittite empire (New Kingdom) (ca. 1209–1207 BC (short chronology).


Arnuwanda was a son of Tudhaliya IV and grandson of Hattusili III and Puduhepa. He was quickly succeeded by his brother Suppiluliuma II.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Tudhaliya IV
Hittite king
ca. 1209–1207 BC
Succeeded by
Suppiluliuma II