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The Asian News International (ANI) is a leading news agency based in Delhi, India. It provides multimedia news to 50 bureaus in India and also to other parts of Asia. It covers virtually all of South Asia since its foundation and presently claims, on its official website, to be the leading South Asia-wide news agency. The coverage includes general news, entertainment, lifestyles, business, science, sports and features.[1]

Headquarters & staff[edit]

The central offices are in New Delhi and the Chairman is Prem Prakash.[2] Apparently, Prakash was the weight behind the foundation of ANI just over 50 years ago.[3]

Sanjiv Prakash is the Editor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Asian News International.[4]

The camera and reporting crews for ANI are stationed in more locations across South Asia than any other South Asian news agency, according to its official website.[1] To economize, foreign subscriber send their crews to the New Delhi headquarters and from there, the ANI crews-for-hire are sent out to remote locations, transmitting coverage from remote places.[1]

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