Athletics at the 2010 Micronesian Games

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Athletics at the VII Micronesian Games
Athletics pictogram.svg
Host city Koror, Palau Palau
Date(s) August 3-6
Main stadium National Stadium
Level Senior
Participation 8 nations
Events 36 (18 men, 18 women)

Athletics competitions at the 2010 Micronesian Games were held at the National Stadium in Koror, Palau, between August 3-6, 2010.

A total of 36 events were contested, 18 by men and 18 by women.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal winners and their results were published on the Oceania Athletics Association[1] and on the Games' athletics webpage.[2]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: NWI) Chuuk State John Howard (CHU) 11.04  Roman Cress (MHL) 11.20  Tyrone Omar (NMI) 11.32
200 metres (wind: NWI) Chuuk State John Howard (CHU) 22.86  Roman Cress (MHL) 23.15  Rodman Teltull (PLW) 23.29
400 metres  Douglas Schmidt (PLW) 51.38  John Stills (PLW) 52.69 Pohnpei State McCaffrey Jason Gilmete (POH) 53.00
800 metres  Derek Mandell (GUM) 1:58.10  Douglas Schmidt (PLW) 1:59.20  Michael Gaitan (GUM) 2:05.39
1500 metres  Derek Mandell (GUM) 4:16.87  Jeofry Limtiaco (GUM) 4:26.40  Toby Castro (GUM) 4:27.11
5000 metres  Michael Gaitan (GUM) 17:43.36  Toby Castro (GUM) 17:48.85 Chuuk State A.M. Sairen (CHU) 17:57.00
10km road race  Derek Mandell (GUM) 37:48.44 Pohnpei State Rendelius Germinaro (POH) 38:30.67  Toby Castro (GUM) 39:39.58
110 metres hurdles (wind: NWI)  Leon Mengloi (PLW)  Michael Herreros (GUM)  Clayton Kenty (NMI)
400 metres hurdles  Jacques Stills (PLW) 60.96  Clayton Kenty (NMI) 61.58  Jeofry Limtiaco (GUM) 61.61
High Jump  Leon Mengloi (PLW) 1.73m  John Stills (PLW) 1.65m  Mitchell Mamis (PLW) 1.65m
Long Jump  Jonavin Ryan Ichihara (NMI) 5.82m (wind: NWI)  John Stills (PLW) 5.79m (wind: NWI)  Carson Jr. Olkeriil (PLW) 5.58m (wind: NWI)
Triple Jump  Douglas Schmidt (PLW) 12.63m (wind: NWI) Chuuk State Pernor Hartman (CHU) 11.99m (wind: NWI)  Albert Juan III (GUM) 11.95m (wind: NWI)
Shot Put  Jersey Iyar (PLW) 12.05m Pohnpei State Ron Etscheit (POH) 11.45m Yap State Daniel Ramngen (YAP) 10.94m
Discus Throw Pohnpei State Clayton Maluwelgiye (POH) 38.15m Yap State Edmund Faymau (YAP) 33.81m  Jersey Iyar (PLW) 33.80m
Javelin Throw  Dougwin Franz (PLW) 60.86m  Nick Gross (NMI) 53.12m  Jersey Iyar (PLW) 50.89m
Octathlon  Leon Mengloi (PLW) 4475 pts  Christopher Kitalong (PLW) 3941 pts  Trevor Ogumoro (NMI) 2910 pts
4 x 100 metres relay  Chuuk
Yonder Namelo
Rusty Etipo
Yondan Namelo
John Howard
44.24  Palau
Leon Mengloi
Rodman Teltull
Rivers Reklai
John Stills
44.53  Pohnpei
Jeffrey Bonabard
Jesse Hairens
Jayson Ernest
Justine Rodgriguez
4 x 400 metres relay  Palau
Douglas Schmidt
John Stills
Francis Tkel
Rodman Teltull
3:31.76  Pohnpei
McCaffrey Jason Gilmete
Rico Joab
Jonathan Matthew Larudine
Pahnrasko Ardos
3:35.54  Guam
Derek Mandell
Michael Gaitan
Jeofry Limtiaco
Keith Muna


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: NWI)  Yvonne Bennett (NMI) 12.68  Naomi Burke (GUM) 13.43 Pohnpei State Mihter Wendolin (POH) 13.51
200 metres (wind: NWI)  Yvonne Bennett (NMI) 26.41  Naomi Blaz (GUM) 27.60  Naomi Burke (GUM) 27.88
400 metres  Yvonne Bennett (NMI) 61.30  Haley Nemra (MHL) 62.15  Naomi Blaz (GUM) 64.34
800 metres  Haley Nemra (MHL) 2:27.40  Amy Atkinson (GUM) 2:27.60 Chuuk State Merisen Cornelio (CHU) 2:42.68
1500 metres  Amy Atkinson (GUM) 5:09.66  Haley Nemra (MHL) 5:22.80  Nicole Layson (GUM) 5:30.05
5000 metres  Mamiko Oshima-Berger (NMI) 21:11.62  Nicole Layson (GUM) 21:17.82  Haley Nemra (MHL) 21:32.75
10km road race  Mamiko Oshima-Berger (NMI) 46:09.40  Nicole Layson (GUM) 47:21.29  Sheena Subido (GUM) 54:53.70
100 metres hurdles (wind: NWI)  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 18.23  Sorai Reklai (PLW) 19.23  Liamwar Rangamar (NMI) 19.79
400 metres hurdles  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 73.68  Liamwar Rangamar (NMI) 74.28  Ruby Joy Gabriel (PLW) 76.91
High Jump  Colleen Gibbons (PLW) 1.48m  Carissa Trolii (PLW) 1.40m  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 1.30m
Long Jump Pohnpei State Mihter Wendolin (POH) 4.55m (wind: NWI)  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 4.48m (wind: NWI)  Noreen Ericsson (GUM) 4.46m (wind: NWI)
Triple Jump  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 10.10m (wind: NWI) Pohnpei State Mihter Wendolin (POH) 9.81m (wind: NWI)  Naomi Blaz (GUM) 9.34m (wind: NWI)
Shot Put  Chandis Cooper (PLW) 10.31m  Genie Gerardo (GUM) 9.68m  Jenequa Sullivan Benaven (NMI) 9.55m
Discus Throw  Jenequa Sullivan Benaven (NMI) 31.34m  Maleah Tangadik (PLW) 31.20m  Genie Gerardo (GUM) 26.99m
Javelin Throw  Maleah Tangadik (PLW) 35.92m  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 33.05m  Liamwar Rangamar (NMI) 32.82m
Pentathlon  Jacquelin Wonenberg (NMI) 2380 pts  Pellma Hesus (PLW) 2011 pts
4 x 100 metres relay  Northern Mariana Islands
Reylynn Jones Sapong
Jacquelin Wonenberg
Yvette Bennett
Yvonne Bennett
52.96  Palau
Ruby Joy Gabriel
Sorai Reklai
Darlene Riungel
Sarabeth Ksano
54.56  Chuuk
Olifera Mailo
Aphtarsia Lodge
Darla Simina
Monserat Phillip
4 x 400 metres relay  Northern Mariana Islands
Jacquelin Wonenberg
Yvette Bennett
Liamwar Rangamar
Yvonne Bennett
4:24.94  Guam
Naomi Blaz
Noreen Ericsson
Nicole Layson
Amy Atkinson
4:29.57  Pohnpei
Mihter Wendolin
Reloliza Saimon
Amanda Wendolin
Ashley Apiner

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Northern Mariana Islands 13 5 7 25
2  Palau 12 11 6 28
3  Guam 5 10 13 28
4  Chuuk 3 1 3 7
5  Pohnpei 2 4 4 10
6  Marshall Islands 1 4 1 6
7  Yap 0 1 1 2


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