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"Khimik Voskresensk" redirects here. For the team that was created after Atlant/Khimik moved out of Voskresensk, see Khimik Voskresensk (2005–).
Atlant Moscow Oblast
2013–14 Atlant Moscow Oblast season
Atlant Moscow Oblast.svg
Full name Atlant Moscow Oblast
Khimik Moscow Oblast
Khimik Voskresensk
Founded 2005
Based in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast
Arena Mytishchi Arena
(capacity: 7,000)
League Kontinental Hockey League
Russian Superleague
Division Tarasov
Conference Western
Team colors          
Head coach Russia Alexei Kudashov
Captain Russia Alexei Petrov
Affiliates Mytishchinskie Atlanty (MHL)

Hockey Club Atlant Moscow Oblast (Russian: ХК Атлант Московская область, English: Atlas Hockey Club Moscow Region) is a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast. They are members of the Bobrov division of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).



Atlant was founded in 2005 when a team Khimik based in Voskresensk was relocated to Mytishchi. The old team traced its history back to 1953. Immediate success allowed Khimik to play in the Championship of the Soviet Union. Leading the team was playing-coach Nikolai Epstein. In three years, Khimik was graduated to the top league of the Soviet Union. Three bronze medal results between 1965 and 1984 were capitulated in 1989 when the team achieved silver under prestigious head coach Vladimir Vasiliyev, a major accomplishment for a team from a small town. More impressive is how much successful homegrown talent has come out of the Khimik system, withs names including future Stanley Cup winners such as Igor Larionov and Valeri Kamensky.

In the spring of 1998, the status of the team changed, representing not only the city of Voskresensk but also the entire Moscow Oblast. This event took place on their 45th anniversary. During the 2005–06 season, the team relocated within the Moscow Oblast, from Voskresensk to Mytishchi. Following this, the team changed its name to Atlant, prior to its inclusion in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). Their new team logo features a Central Asian Shepherd Dog.[1]

Khimik Moscow Logo 2005–2008
Alabai, secondary team logo used in 2008–2010
Atlant Moscow Oblast Logo 2008–2013

Recent history[edit]

Atlant signed NHL goaltender Ray Emery to a single year contract on July 9, 2008. The deal was reportedly worth in excess of $2 million, plus bonuses.[2]

Atlant and Emery had several issues, including Emery attacking the team trainer[3] and his temporary refusal to return to the team after the KHL break over a contract dispute. Emery was upset that his pay was in rubles that were not inflation protected.[4] He returned to the team shortly after [5] to play the remainder of the season.



1st Pajulahti Cup (1): 2007


2nd Gagarin Cup (1): 2011

Season-by-season KHL records[edit]

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, OTL = Overtime/Shootout Losses, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against

Season GP W L OTL Pts GF GA Finish Top Scorer Playoffs
2008–09 56 35 11 1 122 189 111 2nd, Bobrov Sergei Mozyakin (76 points: 34 G, 42 A; 56 GP) Lost in Quarterfinals, 1-3 (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
2009–10 56 24 16 2 101 173 137 2nd, Tarasov Sergei Mozyakin (66 points: 27 G, 39 A; 56 GP) Lost in Conference Quarterfinals, 1-3 (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl)
2010–11 54 21 16 2 91 138 115 2nd, Tarasov Sergei Mozyakin (61 points: 31 G, 27 A; 34 GP) Lost in Finals, 4-1 (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
2011–12 54 20 19 0 86 130 134 2nd, Tarasov Nikolay Zherdev (40 points: 16 G, 24 A; 53 GP) Lost in Conference Semifinals, 4-2 (SKA Saint Petersburg)
2012–13 52 19 21 4 73 137 141 4th, Tarasov Nikolay Zherdev (37 points: 13 G, 24 A; 39 GP) Lost in Conference Quarterfinals, 4-1 (SKA Saint Petersburg)


Current roster[edit]

Updated January 4, 2015.[6][7]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
72 Russia Alyoshin, EgorEgor Alyoshin LW L 23 2014 Elektrougli, Russia
31 Russia Artemyev, ArtyomArtyom Artemyev G L 22 2014 Yaroslavl, Russia
53 Russia Babchuk, AntonAnton Babchuk D R 30 2014 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
68 Russia Bodrov, EvgenyEvgeny Bodrov C L 27 2014 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
27 Russia Chernov, ArtemArtem Chernov LW L 32 2014 Novokuznetsk, Russian SFSR
85 Russia Dorofeyev, ArtyomArtyom Dorofeyev Injured Reserve D L 22 2010 Moscow, Russia
37 Russia Dyblenko, YaroslavYaroslav Dyblenko (AInjured Reserve D L 21 2010 Surgut, Russia
35 Finland Engren, AtteAtte Engren G L 27 2014 Rauma, Finland
97 United States Gilroy, MattMatt Gilroy D R 30 2014 North Bellmore, New York, USA
29 Latvia Jekimovs, RobertsRoberts Jekimovs LW L 25 2014 Riga, Latvian SSR
87 Russia Kadeikin, AlexanderAlexander Kadeikin C L 21 2010 Elektrostal, Russia
12 Russia Khlopotov, VadimVadim Khlopotov LW L 20 2014 Nizhny Tagil, Russia
24 Belarus Korobov, DmitryDmitry Korobov (A) D L 26 2014 Novopolotsk, Belorussian SSR
13 Russia Kozlov, SlavaSlava Kozlov (A) LW L 42 2014 Voskresensk, Russian SFSR
51 Russia Leshchenko, VyacheslavVyacheslav Leshchenko RW L 19 2012 Elektrostal, Russia
80 Russia Levitsky, IgorIgor Levitsky W L 22 2010 Moscow, Russia
4 Kazakhstan Novopashin, VitaliVitali Novopashin D L 36 2013 Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh SSR
15 Russia Potapov, MaximMaxim Potapov C/LW L 34 2014 Voronezh, Russian SFSR
25 Russia Shiafotdinov, KamilKamil Shiafotdinov W L 20 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
96 Russia Shmelyov, SergeiSergei Shmelyov LW L 21 2010 Nizhnekamsk, Russia
40 Russia Sorokin, VsevolodVsevolod Sorokin D L 21 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
90 Russia Soshnikov, NikitaNikita Soshnikov W L 21 2010 Nizhny Tagil, Russia
22 Russia Taratukhin, AndreiAndrei Taratukhin (A) C L 32 2014 Omsk, Russian SFSR
3 Russia Tyulyapkin, MikhailMikhail Tyulyapkin (C) D L 30 2014 Gorky, Russian SFSR
17 Russia Voronin, ArtemArtem Voronin C L 23 2014 Vidnoye, Russian SFSR
33 Russia Yarullin, AlbertAlbert Yarullin D R 21 2014 Kazan, Russia
91 Russia Yashin, OlegOleg Yashin LW R 24 2013 Voskresensk, Russian SFSR
21 Russia Yunkov, AlexanderAlexander Yunkov LW L 32 2014 Voskresensk, Russian SFSR

Notable alumni[edit]



Triple Gold Cup[edit]


Scoring Champions[edit]

First round draft picks[edit]

  • 2009: Yevgeny Molotilov (11th overall), Stefan Stepanov (20th overall) and Alexander Shevchenko (21st overall)
  • 2010: none
  • 2011: Arseni Khatsey (9th overall) and Artur Gavrus (18th overall)

List of Khimik/Atlant players selected in the NHL Entry Draft[edit]


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