Atlantis (Sun Ra album)

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Studio album by Sun Ra
Released 1969 [1]
Recorded c.1967 - 69
Genre Avant-garde jazz
Length 42:35 / 40:46 / 46:13
Label Saturn
Impulse! Records
Evidence Records
Producer Alton Abraham
Sun Ra chronology
Monorails and Satellites
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 5/5 stars [2]
All About Jazz (not rated) [3]

Atlantis is an album by Jazz musician Sun Ra and his Astro-Infinity Arkestra released in 1969.

The album heavily features the "Solar Sound Instrument" - a Hohner Clavinet. One of the 4 compositions which originally featured on Side 1 of the original release was substituted by a different piece for the 1973 reissue, though reusing the same name, "Yucatan". Both pieces appear on the later CD reissue.

The title track covered the second side of the LP and is regarded as a key prototype for Sun Ra's performances through the 1970s.[4] It was recorded at a 1967 concert at the Olatunji Center of African Culture in New York [5] and has been described as "a masterpiece that twists and turns through many soundscapes".[6]

'[The title track Atlantis is] one of Ra's most epic pieces, which is free or "space" jazz at its most invigorating. While virtually indescribable, the sonic churnings and juxtaposed images reveal a brilliant display of textures and tonalities set against an ocean of occasional rhythms. Its diversity alone makes this is an essential entry in the voluminous Sun Ra catalog.' Lindsay Planer [7]

Track listing[edit]

The information is for the 12" Vinyl. All songs by Sun Ra
Side A:

  1. "Mu" – 4:30
  2. "Lemuria" – 5:02
  3. "Yucatan" (either Saturn version, 5:27 or Impulse! version, 3:38)
  4. "Bimini" – 5:45

Side B:

  1. "Atlantis" – 21:51

Side one probably recorded at Sun Studios, New York (the Arkestra's commune) between 1967 and 1969;[1] side two was recorded at Olatunji's cultural center on 125th Street, NY, in 1967.[8] When reissued on Evidence, both versions of Yucatan were included back to back.


Produced by: Ihnfinity Inc. and Alton Abraham

Sun Ra - Solar Sound Organ, Solar Sound Instrument
John Gilmore- Tenor Saxophone, Percussion
Pat Patrick- Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Marshall Allen- Alto Saxophone, Oboe
Danny Thompson - Alto Saxophone, Flute
Bob Barry - Drums, Lightning Drum
Wayne Harris - Trumpet
Ebah - Trumpet
Carl Nimrod - Space Drums
James Jacson - Log Drums
Robert Cummins - Bass Clarinet
Danny Davis - Alto Saxophone
Ali Harsan - Trombone

Liner Notes[edit]

"The Dead Past"
The civilizations of the past have been used as the foundation of the civilization of today. Because of this, the world keeps looking toward the past for guidance. Too many people are following the past. In this new space age, this is dangerous. The past is DEAD and those, who are following the past are doomed to die and be like the past. It is no accident that those who die are said to have passed since those who have PASSED are PAST.


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