Bridlewood Community Elementary School

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Bridlewood Community Elementary School (BCES)
Bridlewood CES.JPG
A place where we all come together and treat each other right.
63 Bluegrass Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario, K2M 1G2, Canada
Public transit access OC Transpo Route 161[1]
School board Ottawa Carleton District School Board
School district Zone 2
Area trustee Cathy Curry
Principal Nora McEwen
Vice principal Mark Heckman
Staff 38
Grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight
Language English
Area Kanata, Ottawa
Mascot Bronco
Team name Bridlewood Broncos
Colours Black, white and red
Founded 19 April 1988[2]
Enrollment 385[3] (2006-2007)
Communities served Bridlewood
Feeder schools Roch Carrier & John Young
Homepage Welcome to

Bridlewood Community Elementary School (also BCES or simply Bridlewood) is an elementary and middle school located on 63 Bluegrass Drive, in Ottawa, Canada.[4] Operated by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, it is situated in the Zone 2 school board district with Cathy Curry as its trustee,[5] in the Kanata neighbourhood of Bridlewood. The current principal of Bridlewood C.E.S is Mrs. Nora McEwen.[4] Its vice-principal is Mr. Mark Heckman.[4]

Bridlewood celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding on April 19, 2008.[2] It operates on a 'Balanced School Day' schedule.


Plans for an elementary school on Bluegrass Drive can be traced as far back as the late 1970s. The space was formerly occupied by a community centre building, and an extensive park which stretched to the limit of the land that was the community of Bridlewood at the time. The park consisted of two play structures, one built for young children and one for older children, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and a soccer field at the back. During the winter months, a skating rink was built next to the community centre, so that the washrooms could serve double duty as space for people to put their skates.

The community centre itself was small, consisting of a main hall that was used for events, along with a small kitchen and storage room. In later years, two trailers were parked near the building to add extra room. The centre and the park were both removed to allow for construction of the school in the late 1980s.


Bridlewood C.E.S. has a computer lab, a gym, and a library with a collection of over 29 500 books. Bridlewood also supports a Special Support Unit, a Gifted class, an ESL class, a Dual diagnosis class,[4] and an after school daycare.


Bridlewood C.A.T. has an intermediate music program unlike most other schools in Ottawa. All intermediate students (gr.7-8) have the option of joining a band, either the Junior Band, for grade seven students, or the Senior Band, for grade eights. The bands consist of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.

The school is notable for its excellent Senior Band. The band is led by grade 7/8 music teacher, Mr. Williamson. Since 1987, the Senior Band has made an annual trip to Toronto. The focus of this two to three day trip has included competitive performances at Canada's Wonderland and Ontario Place. Band members also visit tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls, Marineland, Ontario, and Clifton Hill.


Bridlewood is the home for their school team, the Broncos. The Bridlewood Broncos is one of many school sports teams in Kanata.[citation needed]

Student awards[edit]

Two students won a school plaque awarded by the Canada Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, in 2007 for a paper entitled "Can you slow down the spreading rate of spilled oil?".[6]


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