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C-lehti (sometimes written as C=lehti) was a Finnish computer magazine targeted specifically at Commodore computers.

C-lehti was started in 1987 as a spin-off of MikroBitti and was published roughly every two months. It was Finland's first ever computer magazine to only cover one specific family of computers. Originally, it covered the Commodore 64 (and to a lesser extent, its "bigger brother" Commodore 128) and the Amiga computers, but later it became more and more Amiga-centric, as the 64 and 128 were rapidly becoming obsolete.

Later, as the Amiga was also becoming obsolete and lost ground to the PC computers and games consoles, C-lehti was suddenly discontinued in 1991. There were 29 magazine issues in total.

A character in C-lehti was the Guru, drawn by Harri "Wallu" Vaalio. The Guru, a bald man with a bushy beard and a shiny scalp, was the symbol for the magazine's hints & tips column. For hints & tips in computer games, he was called the Peliguru ("game guru") and had a joystick on top of his head. The Guru was never used again after the magazine was discontinued.

Even today, with the exception of some minor console magazines, C-lehti remains the only Finnish computer magazine ever to specifically concentrate on one particular vendor.[citation needed]

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