Catherine Spaak

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Catherine Spaak
Catherine Spaak cropped.jpg
Born (1945-04-03) 3 April 1945 (age 70)
Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Years active 1959–2007
Spouse(s) Johnny Dorelli
Fabrizio Capucci
Orso Maria Guerrini
Vladimiro Tuselli (present)[1]

Catherine Spaak (born 3 April 1945) is a French actress and singer.


Spaak was born at Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine (Ile-de-France) in 1945. She spent most of her career in Italy, where she became a teenage star. Spaak's family in Belgium was knowed in several branch. The father was a screenwriter and the uncle was prime minister in Belgium government. From age 15 to 18, Catherine Spaak was the lead actress in at least twelve movies and, as a singer, was regarded by some as the Italian equivalent of French chanteuse Françoise Hardy, some of whose songs she recorded in 1963. Born into a firmly anticlerical family, at the age of eighteen she decided to embrace Catholicism (now she considers herself a Buddhist).[1] Notable appearances include classic Italian movies such as I dolci inganni (1960), La voglia matta (1961), The Easy Life (1962), The Girl from Parma (1963), The Empty Canvas (1963), L'armata Brancaleone (1965), Hotel (1967) with Rod Taylor, The Libertine (1969), The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971), Story of a Cloistered Nun (1973), The Slave (1973), Take a Hard Ride with Jim Brown (1975) and Sunday Lovers (1980). She later hosted several TV shows for RAI TV and published some books in Italian.

In 2011 she appeared in BBC TV's "mini-series" Zen.


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