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Cheetah were an Australian rock band active between 1977 and 1982.[1] The main members and vocalists were sisters Chrissie Hammond and Lyndsay Hammond.[2] They had been session vocalists for many Australian artists including Jo Jo Zep, Jon English, Marc Hunter, Flash and the Pan and as a vocal duo toured with Stevie Wright, Norman Gunston and Daryl Braithwaite. Lyndsay fronted a group called Skintight and toured with Renée Geyer before forming Cheetah with Chrissie Hammond.

The band is best known for their hit singles Walking In The Rain, Deeper Than Love and Spend The Night.

Cheetah toured across Australia, the UK and Europe including appearances at Roskilde in Denmark, the Nuremberg and Wiesbaden Festivals in Germany and a show at the 1982 Reading Festival with Iron Maiden to an audience of 120,000 people.

Chrissie Hammond became better known outside Australia for performing vocals for Rick Wakeman.

The group reformed in 2006 to perform in the Countdown Spectacular and a subsequent tour of Europe.


Rock & Roll Women (1982)[edit]

  1. Bang Bang
  2. Suffering Love
  3. Spend The Night
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Women
  5. Scars Of Love
  6. My Man
  7. N.I.T.E.
  8. Come And Get It
  9. Let The Love Begin
  10. I'm Yours


  • "Shake It To The Right" 1977
  • "Love Ain't Easy To Come By" 1977
  • "Walking In The Rain" 1978 AUS #10
  • "Deeper Than Love" 1979 AUS #89
  • "Spend The Night" 1980 AUS #31
  • "Love You To The Limit" 1981
  • "Bang Bang" 1981 AUS #80
  • "My Man" 1982


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