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Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui (Chinese: 中華聖公會) was the Anglican-Episcopal Church in China. It was formally established as the Anglican-Episcopal Province of China in 1912. Soon after the communist revolution in China in 1949, it ceased to exist. Its dioceses in Hong Kong and Macao became the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao, later reorganized as an independent Anglican province known as Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Communicants who moved to Taiwan established the Taiwan Episcopal Church.


Mission to China started its activities in 1799 and moved to China in 1842. Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui was formally established in 1912.


Victoria Diocese (1842) had the church if St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong

Hong Kong-Macao Diocese (South China Mission, 1849)

Che Kiang Diocese (Chekiang Mission, 1872) had the church of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Shanghai under the Bishop of Chekiang.

Hua Pei Diocese (1880) had the churches of Holy Saviour's Cathedral - the Diocesan Cathedral) in Beijing, All Saints' Church in Tianjin, and Dalian Anglican Church in Dalian.

Hua Hsi Diocese (West China Mission, 1895)

Shan Tung Diocese (Shantung Mission, 1903)

Fu Kien Diocese (Fukien Mission, 1906)

Kui Hsiang Diocese (Kwanghsi-Hunan Mission, 1909)

Yun Kui Diocese (Yunnan-Kuichou Mission, 1947)

Church in China[edit]

The Church in China is the name by which Anglican Missions under the jurisdiction of the Church of England were called between 1849 and 1949.[1] They included

  • Shensi
  • Chekiang
  • China, North
  • Szechwan
  • Shantung
  • Fukien
  • Honan
  • Kwangsi and Hunan

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