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Development site and Bessarion stop, looking south
looking southwest
Construction site as of April 2008
Construction site in 2009.

Concord Park Place is a 45-acre (18 ha), master-planned multi-tower condominium complex currently under construction in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, between Sheppard Avenue, Leslie Street, Highway 401, and Bessarion Road.

Several Toronto based architectural firms are involved in the project:


The site was previously occupied by a large Canadian Tire distribution facility and retail store. Both buildings were built in 1960s on former farmland and surrounded by single family homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. Canadian Tire began plans in 1999 to move the Distribution Centre (now located at 2111 Steeles Avenue East in Brampton, Ontario) and finally sold the site to Concord Adex. Demolition began in 2007 to clear the DC and retail store. Concord Park Place is the second of two planned themed communities along the 401/Sheppard cooridor.

The developers are Concord Adex, who are also developing CityPlace, a condo neighbourhood along Toronto's lake shore.

Upon completion, Concord Park Place will be home to 5,000 condominium units in 20 buildings, high-rise, and mid-rise. Four buildings have been announced thus far; Discovery (Buildings A, B) and Discovery II (Buildings D, E) and located to the north of the Ikea store.

The remaining 16 buildings will be located on the former footprint of the old Canadian Tire warehouse and store to the west of Provost Drive.

Park Place is actually the south extension of the Bayview Village neighbourhood of North York.

Canadian Tire relocated the retail store further east on the property at Provost and Sheppard Avenue East.


Under construction

Name Height
Floors Year Notes
Discovery Building A[A] 28 2008-
Discovery Building B[A] 28 2008-
Discovery 2 Building D[A] 12 2008-
Discovery 2 Building E[A] 12 2008-


Name Height
Floors Year Notes
Discovery 3 Tower 3[A] 8 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 4[A] 27 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 5[A] 28 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 6[A] 27 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 7[A] 27 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 8[A] 20 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 9[A] 15 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 10[A] 15 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 11[A] 15 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 12[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 13[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 14[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 15[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 16[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 17[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 18[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 19[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 20[A] 20 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 21[A] 12 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 22[A] 27 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 23[A] 6 TBD
Discovery 3 Tower 24[A] 6 TBD


Concord Park Place will be served by the Leslie and Bessarion subway stations on the Toronto Transit Commission's Sheppard subway line.

Ikea has a shuttle service from the store to Leslie station.

Highway 401, Highway 404/Don Valley Parkway and Sheppard Avenue are the major routes near the site.

GO Transit's Oriole station is located under Highway 401 with an access road on Leslie Street. The station is a stop on the Richmond Hill line.

Within the development are a number of new or expanded local roads to ease congestion for future residents in the area:

  • Esther Shiner Boulevard - new road connects Old Leslie Street and Provost Drive to Leslie Street; portion from Provost to railway underpass was formerly the main driveway to the Ikea store
  • Provost Drive - extended under railway line to meet with Esther Shiner Boulevard and extends to the rear of the Ikea store

When the development is completed, Esther Shiner Boulevard will be extended further west and other roads maybe added.

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Major landmarks near this development include:

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