Cross Cancer Institute

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Cross Cancer Institute
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates 53°31′4″N 113°31′53″W / 53.51778°N 113.53139°W / 53.51778; -113.53139 (Cross Cancer Institute)Coordinates: 53°31′4″N 113°31′53″W / 53.51778°N 113.53139°W / 53.51778; -113.53139 (Cross Cancer Institute)
Care system Medicare
Hospital type Research, Teaching
Affiliated university University of Alberta
Emergency department No
Website Cross Cancer Institute
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The Cross Cancer Institute is the comprehensive cancer centre for northern Alberta, and is one of two tertiary cancer centres in the province.[1] It provides inpatient and outpatient services for cancer patients and counselling and support services for patients and their families. It is also a world leader in cancer research.[2]

The institute is located in Edmonton near the south west corner of the University of Alberta campus at 87 Avenue and 115 Street.

The Department of Oncology, a branch of the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, is located at the Cross Cancer Institute. The department offers training in medical oncology, radiation oncology, palliative care medicine, and medical physics,[3]

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