Cuidado con el ángel

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Cuidado Con El Ángel
Format Telenovela
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Carlos Romero
Directed by Víctor Manuel Fouilloux
Victor Rodriguez
Starring Maite Perroni
William Levy
Helena Rojo
Ana Patricia Rojo
Laura Zapata
Ricardo Blume
Evita Muñoz "Chachita"
Maya Mishalska
Theme music composer Mauricio Arriaga
Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Opening theme Solo Tú by Gaby
Ending theme Solo Tú by Gaby
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 195 [1]
Executive producer(s) Nathalie Lartilleux
Editor(s) Alfredo Frutos Maza
Pablo Peralta
Location(s) Mexico City
Cinematography Jesus Acuna Lee
Adrian Frutos
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time 38-42 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original run June 9, 2008 (2008-06-09) – March 6, 2009 (2009-03-06)
Preceded by Al diablo con los guapos
Followed by Atrévete a soñar
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Cuidado Con El Ángel (Careful With the Angel) is a Telenovela distributed by Televisa starring Maite Perroni and William Levy. The telenovela, a production of Nathalie Lartilleux, premiered on June 9, 2008 and finished its broadcast March 6, 2009. It had millions of viewers worldwide, and broke records in America.[2] Each episode garnered nearly 5 million viewers daily.[3]

Maite Perroni & William Levy star as the protagonists, while Ana Patricia Rojo, Arturo Carmona, Rocío Banquells, Laura Zapata, Nailea Norvind and Michelle Vieth star as the antagonists. Helena Rojo, Ricardo Blume, and Evita Muñoz "Chachita" are the first actors.


The pilot episode begins with Maria de Jesus's "Marichuy" birth. Her mother, Cecilia Velarde, believing she is dying, entrusts her baby to a priest, named Father Anselmo, who takes the baby to an orphanage. At the age of 14, Marichuy runs away and begins to live in the streets, doing her best to survive. She spends several years on the streets. One day, she is attacked by a drunk man. She cannot seek justice for what happened to her, because aside from the fact that she is poor, she did not see the man's face very well since he attacked her suddenly in the dark. This experience, as well as having terrible recurrent nightmares, leaves her with a deep resentment towards all men. Candelaria, a laundress, finds her in the street, offers her a home, and treats her like a daughter.

Marichuy performs odd jobs to help Candelaria. She spends some of her free time with a group of friends who have somewhat of a bohemian lifestyle. One evening the group is arrested, and at the police station Marichuy meets Dr. Juan Miguel San Roman, a psychiatrist, who helps her leave the station without charges being brought against her. Later on, Juan Miguel tries to save his rocky marriage with his wife Viviana by taking her on vacation in Miami and there their plane crashes and Viviana is believed to be dead, while Juan Miguel is among one of the survivors. However, Viviana is not dead and has decided to live her life freely and full of luxury as she always wanted. Days later, in order to show solidarity with the group of artists, Marichuy decides to get back at Judge Patricio Velarde who was the judge that fined the artists. She goes to the judge's home and throws rocks at the windows. She laughingly gets away from Judge Velarde as he tries to stop her. Marichuy later gets arrested for stealing milk from neighbors (that she took to an orphanage), and she is recognized by Judge Velarde as the person who broke the windows at his home. He is adamant in sending Marichuy to jail, but Juan Miguel steps in. Juan Miguel feels that Marichuy is a good, although troubled, young woman who can be guided into become an upstanding citizen. He convinces the judge to release Marichuy by agreeing to take custody of her. Marichuy is released under Juan Miguel's custody, and he arranges for her to stay at his house with his daughter Mayita, his mother-in-law Onelia, and his sister Rocio. While Marichuy is at his house, both Marichuy and Juan Miguel realize that they have strong, caring feelings toward each other, although neither knows how the other feels. Juan Miguel is troubled, however, because he strongly feels that his feelings could interfere with his professional relationship and custody of Marichuy. Due to problems with his mother-in-law and because of his deep feelings toward Marichuy, Juan Miguel takes Marichuy to live at the Velarde household—Judge Velarde's home. Although Judge Velarde is sure that Marichuy is incorrigible and incapable of changing her lifestyle and way of being, he reluctantly agrees to let Marichuy stay. Judge Velarde and Marichuy do not know that the judge is her biological father.

The only people Marichuy gets along with in the Velarde household are Cecilia (Patricio's wife and Marichuy's biological mother) and Doris, a young maid. Estefania, who claims to be the Velarde's long-lost daughter, and Estefania's aunt Isabela, also live there. When Estefania meets Juan Miguel, she immediately decides that she will marry him. In observing Juan Miguel's and Marichuy's interactions, however, she realizes that they have deep feelings toward each other, and Marichuy immediately becomes her enemy. Estefania and Isabela soon realize that Marichuy is the Velarde's real daughter, and they plot to have Marichuy thrown out of the home so that they don't lose the luxuries of living with the Velardes. They set up various incidents that make Marichuy look like an irresponsible liar and thief, and although Cecilia and Marichuy have built a special bond, Judge Velarde orders Marichuy to leave their home and never return. Juan Miguel takes Marichuy to live in his home again.

During all of this time, Marichuy has been experiencing nightmares of the night that she was accosted when she was young and homeless. Although through psychiatry sessions Juan Miguel attempts to help Marichuy understand her nightmare, Marichuy remains tormented because she never sees the man's face in her nightmare. She wants to know who he is so that she can make him pay for the pain she'd been feeling since that night. Juan Miguel continues to fight against his feelings toward Marichuy. Although he knows that he loves Marichuy, Juan Miguel becomes involved with Estefania to the point of becoming engaged to her. Yet in spite of everything, Juan Miguel and Marichuy get closer and even kiss at one point. Also, Juan Miguel continues to attempt to help Marichuy understand her nightmare until one day, in a session in his office, she finally tells him the entire nightmare. He realizes who the man was who assaulted Marichuy. He is shocked to find that it was him. Although he does not say anything to Marichuy, he vividly remembers that he was having problems with his marriage, he'd gotten drunk, and he'd attempted to kiss a young woman he saw. As that woman struggled to get away from him, he'd realized what he was doing, and he'd chased after her to apologize. He never caught up to her. Juan Miguel cannot bring himself to tell Marichuy the truth about that night. He begins to pull away from Marichuy, and she doesn't understand why.

Soon after, Juan Miguel is hospitalized and there tells Marichuy how much he loves her and that he wants to marry her. He breaks off his relationship with Estefania. Marichuy and Juan Miguel decide to have Father Anselmo marry them. Juan Miguel tells Father Anselmo that he was the man who assaulted Marichuy years before, and Father Anselmo tries to convince Juan Miguel to tell Marichuy the truth before they get married. Juan Miguel cannot do so. They get married, and they have a wonderful first day of their honeymoon. The next morning the same nightmare wakes up Marichuy, but this time with more clarity. In the nightmare she finally saw the face of her attacker. Now she knows that the man was Juan Miguel. He pleads for her forgiveness, but she cannot forgive him, and she returns to Candelaria abandoning Juan Miguel and their marriage.

Juan Miguel returns alone from the honeymoon and is unable to find Marichuy, until later when she becomes an actress on TV under Amador's tutelage. However, Amador is a man who is obsessed with Marichuy and wants her to himself. Soon, Juan Miguel visits a mental institution where he suddenly recognizes its new patient. With great shock and disbelief, he looks at the face of his supposedly dead wife. He realizes that he must help his wife recover, and that he must find out what happened to her. Marichuy soon realizes she is pregnant and that she still loves Juan Miguel despite what he did to her; she goes to Juan Miguel's house to forgive him and tell him that she is pregnant. Instead of giving Marichuy a positive response, he gives her the news that their marriage is invalid because his wife is not dead, never giving her the opportunity to explain why she really went to visit him. Heartbroken, she returns to Candelaria and later goes to speak with Father Anselmo who says he will comply with her request to take her far away to where nobody knows who she is.

Marichuy arrives at the hacienda that Father Anselmo takes them to, and introduces herself as Lirio. She meets Leopardo/Omar Contreras, a cold-hearted, grumpy man who had a tragic, romantic past with a woman named Ivette (who in the later part of the telenovela was revealed to have split personality disorder). Yet as time passes, Marichuy's kind words and innocence eventually change Leopardo's ways, and he falls in love with her. Leopardo, despite knowing she is pregnant, proposes to be a father to the baby and a husband to Marichuy. It is difficult for Marichuy to decide whether to accept Leopardo's proposal because, despite everything, she's still in love with Juan Miguel. Eventually she decides to marry Leopardo.

When Marichuy reads in a newspaper that Juan Miguel's wife was killed, she feels that Juan Miguel must need her support, and she decides to return to Juan Miguel. She leaves without saying anything to Leopardo. After arriving back in the city, she finds out that Juan Miguel is engaged to Blanca (Mayita's governess who suffers from a split personality disorder in which she becomes Ivette). Marichuy decides not to go back to Juan Miguel or Omar, but instead to continue her career as an actress. Eventually, Juan Miguel finds out that Marichuy returned. Unexpectedly, Juan Miguel is also reunited with Omar, a long-time friend, who has come in search of a woman he loves named Lirio, who is really Marichuy. Juan Miguel does not know that Lirio is Marichuy. Later Juan Miguel and Omar find out that Lirio is Marichuy, and Omar finds out that Juan Miguel is Marichuy's ex-husband and the father of her child. Discovering this, Juan Miguel and Omar are no longer friends.

Marichuy and Omar get engaged again, although he shows signs of jealousy when Marichuy has any contact with Juan Miguel. Marichuy continues to act in several successful plays, and Marichuy forms a friendship with her makeup artist whose name is Ana Julia. However, a desperate Estefania decides to end Marichuy's life by putting real bullets in a gun that was used as a prop for Marichuy's show. Marichuy suffers a head injury, which causes her to lose her sight. At this time, Omar realizes he loves Blanca. Marichuy pretends she regained her sight so that Omar can be happy, and so that Juan Miguel will stay away from her. During the investigation of the shooting, Marichuy's father suffers a heart attack when he realizes how cruel and unfair he had been to Marichuy from the beginning. While Marichuy's father is recovering in the hospital, Marichuy forgives him and they begin to develop a father and daughter bond. Marichuy moves into her parents' house.

Marichuy thinks that Juan Miguel does not love her anymore, so she tells him that she doesn't love him. Juan Miguel finally accepts that Marichuy does not love him, and thinking that she can see, he decides to leave Mexico. Before he leaves, Marichuy realizes that she wants to be with Juan Miguel, but when he visits her on his last day to tell her he is leaving, she lets him leave without telling him she loves him. When Onelia discovers that Marichuy is still blind, she calls Juan Miguel to tell him that Marichuy never regained her eyesight. He returns and finds Marichuy in front of Father Anselmo's church. He tries to convince Marichuy to return to him, but she runs into the street and is hit by a car. Because she injures her head, she is unable to have any surgery to regain her eyesight. Patricio blames Juan Miguel for Marichuy's head injury and bans him from seeing her, and soon Marichuy's friend Ana Julia develops evil intentions and grows to hate Marichuy. Juan Miguel leaves to the United States to become an eye surgeon, and there he focuses on artificial retina replacement. He plans to return to Mexico to operate on Marichuy so that she will regain her sight. Her family hires Rafael, who is also blind, to teach Marichuy how to live without sight.

While in the United States, Juan Miguel depends on Ana Julia to keep him updated on Marchuy. Ana Julia lies to both Juan Miguel and Marichuy during this time because she wants Juan Miguel for herself. She tries everything to get Marichuy to hate Juan Miguel. When Marichuy develops a head tumor and needs surgery, her father does not allow Juan Miguel to perform the surgery. He does not believe that Juan Miguel is the best surgeon to save his daughter. When her father finally realizes that Marichuy is about to die, he begs Juan Miguel to operate on Marichuy. Ana Julia tries to stop Juan Miguel from operating because she wants Marichuy to die. She is unsuccessful. After the operation to remove the tumor, they all realize that Marichuy will be very upset if she discovers that Juan Miguel operated on her. Juan Miguel decides to tell Marichuy that he is Dr. Pablo Cisneros. He then begins to encourage Marichuy to let him operate again so that she can regain her eyesight. They spend a lot of time together, and Marichuy finally agrees to the surgery.

While Marichuy is recovering from the surgery, Ana Julia announces that she is pregnant with Juan Miguel's child. The baby's real father is Amador. Amador needs money, so he and Juan Miguel's brother-in-law Vicente kidnap Rafael. The kidnappers ask to speak with Juan Miguel, and he recognizes the kidnapper's voice as Vicente's voice. Juan Miguel and Judge Velarde provide the ransom money. Although Juan Miguel and Rafael's father follow the kidnappers after the money is picked up, the kidnappers get away. Rafael manages to escape and is found by his father and Juan Miguel. Although everyone suspects that Vicente was involved in the kidnapping, they can't prove it.

Although Marichuy can see again, she rejects Juan Miguel. A doctor offers Marichuy a job in a clinic. She accepts and prepares to leave her parents' home with the baby. The doctor cannot stop thinking about Marichuy and falls in love with her, and develops a rivalry with Juan Miguel. Juan Miguel tries to convince Marichuy that they can be together, but Marichuy will not listen to him. Days later, Amador admits that Ana Julia is really pregnant with his child, and he threatens to tell everyone the truth. Ana Julia and Vicente try to stop Amador, but they are too late. Ana Julia loses her temper and tries to take the gun from Amador. This leads to the accidental shooting of Vicente. Marichuy calls Juan Miguel for help. Juan Miguel arrives and after examining Vicente announces that Vicente will not live. Marichuy thanks Juan Miguel for all of the things he's done, and the two finally reconcile. Amador is jailed after being arrested during a narrow police chase. Rafael allows Juan Miguel to operate him, and Rafael sees for the first time in his life.

Juan Miguel and Marichuy spend a day together, and Marichuy admits that she wants to be Juan Miguel's wife again. He agrees and so they plan to marry. On the day of their wedding, Marichuy enters the church to give thanks. Marichuy receives a letter from Juan Miguel who seems to have a surprise for her. But Marichuy discovers that the letter was from Ana Julia, who knocks Marichuy out. Ana Julia takes Marichuy to a trailer leaving behind a letter saying that if Juan Miguel's love is not for her, then it will not be for Marichuy either. Ana Julia then lights the trailer on fire to kill herself, her unborn baby, and Marichuy. Suddenly Ana Julia goes into labor. Despite Ana Julia telling Marichuy to leave her, Marichuy gets Ana Julia and herself out, then delivers Ana Julia's daughter. Ana Julia dies from smoke inhalation, but before she does she apologizes to Marichuy for all of the bad things she did to her. When he sees the flames, Juan Miguel thinks Marichuy is dead, but then Marichuy emerges from the back of the building holding Ana Julia's baby. They both decide to give the baby to Purita and Adrian. Marichuy and Juan Miguel are married, and they spend their honeymoon with Mayita and Juanito. They are finally one big happy family.


Actor/Actress Character
Maite Perroni Maria de Jesus "Marichuy" Velarde Santos de San Roman / Lirio / Alejandra Robles
William Levy Juan Miguel San Roman Bustos / Pablo Cisneros
Helena Rojo Cecilia Santos de Velarde
Ricardo Blume Patricio Velarde
Ana Patricia Rojo Estefania Rojas / Estefania Velarde
Laura Zapata Onelia Montenegro vda. de Mayer
Nailea Norvind Viviana Mayer Montenegro de San Roman
Rocio Banquells Isabela Rojas
Evita Muñoz "Chachita" Candelaria Martinez / Lala
Michelle Vieth Ana Julia
Sherlyn Rocio San Roman Bustos de Velarde
Maya Mishalska Blanca Silva de Contreras / Ivette Dorleaque
Miguel Corcega / Hector Gomez Padre Anselmo Vidal
René Strickler Omar "Leopardo" Contreras
Victor Noriega Daniel Velarde
Africa Zavala Elsa Maldonado de San Roman vda. Acuña de Cimarro
Abraham Ramos Adrian Gonzalez
Jorge da Silva Eduardo Garibay
Ana Isabel Corral Beatriz de Garibay
Elizabeth Dupeyrón Luisa San Roman de Maldonado
Jesus More Vicente
Mauricio Mejia Israel Perez
Kelly Kellerman Becky Mendoza de Perez
Sarai Meza Maria Antonieta "Mayita" San Roman Mayer
Beatriz Aguirre Mariana Bustos de San Roman
Carlos Cámara Jr. Inspector Cimarro
Francisco Rubio Rafael Cimarro


  1. Solo Tu (La Nueva Banda)
  2. Esta Soledad (Maite Perroni)
  3. Contigo (Maite Perroni)
  4. Separada De Ti (Maite Perroni)
  5. Ave Maria (Maite Perroni)
  6. Como Duele (Maite Perroni)
  7. Si Tu No Vuelves (Miguel Bosé)
  8. Lejos Estamos Mejor (Motel)
  9. Niño (Belanova)
  10. No Me Quiero Enamorar (Camila)
  11. Un Dos Un Dos Tres (El Simbolo)
  12. Digale (David Bisbal)
  13. Caricia De Mi Alma (Maya Mishalska)


  1. Pangako Ko (OJ Mariano) (Theme song used in the Philippines)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Result
TV Adicto Golden Awards
Female Revelation Maite Perroni Won
Male Revelation William Levy Won
Best Couple Maite Perroni and William Levy Won
TVyNovelas Award
Best Telenovela of the Year Nathalie Lartilleux Nominated
Best Young Lead Actress Maite Perroni Won
Best First Actress Helena Rojo Won
Best Original Story or Adaptation Delia Fiallo Nominated
Best Direction Víctor Manuel Fouilloux and Víctor Rodríguez Nominated
Premios Juventud
What a Hottie! William Levy Won
Girl of my Dreams Maite Perroni Won


This telenovela is currently showing in Ghana on TV Africa, Iran on PMC Family, Italy on Lady Channel (Sky), Kenya on NTV, United Arab Emirates on Abu Dhabi Drama and Estonia on Channel 2. In the Philippines, also aired on ABS-CBN known as Maria de Jesus: Ang Anghel sa Lansangan from July 6, 2009 to April 9, 2010. Also in the Philippines, the telenovela will be aired on Telenovela Channel starting July 7, 2014, dubbed in English.

Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule Notes
 Mexico Canal de las Estrellas June 9, 2008 March 6, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Brazil SBT April 1, 2013 December 3, 2013 Monday and Friday
 United States Univision September 22, 2008 July 6, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Perú America Television December 1, 2008 September 2, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Serbia RTV Pink February 16, 2009 November 24, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Poland TV4 March 1, 2009 March 11, 2010
 Indonesia Global TV March 10, 2009 June 1, 2009 Aired as Marichuy
 Slovenia POP TV March 13, 2009 December 10, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Montenegro April 7, 2009 January 2, 2010 Monday and Friday
 Bosnia April 10, 2009 December 2, 2009 Monday and Friday
 Philippines ABS-CBN July 6, 2009 April 9, 2010 Monday and Friday aired as Maria de Jesus: Ang Anghel sa Lansangan (An Angel from the Street), dubbed in Tagalog
Telenovela Channel July 7, 2014 Monday-Friday
Weekend Marathons
retitled as Don't Mess With An Angel, dubbed in English
 Croatia HRT 1 August 1, 2009 March 18, 2010 (1st time) Monday and Friday
Doma TV August 17, 2012 January 9, 2013 (two episodes 2nd time)
 Argentina Canal 9 August 24, 2009 April 16, 2010 Monday and Friday
 Georgia August 25, 2009 May 31, 2010 Monday and Friday
 Albania Vizion Plus November 26, 2009 2010
 Macedonia Sitel TV January 16, 2010 August 16, 2010 Monday and Friday
 Hungary TV2 July 5, 2010 April 13, 2011 Monday and Friday
 Slovakia TV Doma August 17, 2010
 Greece Star Channel December 13, 2010
January 30, 2012
August 2, 2011(1st time)
June 22, 2012 (two episodes 2nd time)
Monday and Friday
 Bulgaria bTV Lady TBA
 Iran PMC Family 2011
 UAE Abu Dhabi Al Oula December 6, 2011 June 17, 2012 Daily
 Kenya NTV Kenya mid-2011 January 18, 2012
 Estonia Kanal 2 March 5, 2012 2012
 Cyprus Ant1 2009
 Lithuania TV3
 Latvia LNT September 3, 2012 February 22, 2013 Monday and Friday (two episodes)
 KSA MBC1 Present