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Days of Wonder is a board game publisher based in the United States and France. Founded in 2002, Days of Wonder distributes its games to 25 countries. It specialises in German-style board games and have branched out to include some online games. Days of Wonder has published games in English, French, German and Korean. Days of Wonder was co-founded by Eric Hautemont and vice president Mark Kaufman.

In 2004, Days of Wonder received the Spiel des Jahres for their board game, Ticket to Ride, by Alan R. Moon. It was the youngest publisher ever to take that award. Ticket to Ride is the company's best selling series according to Shadows Over Camelot won a special Spiel des Jahres award as Best Fantasy Game in 2006.[1] In 2009, Smallworld received three awards including "Best Game of the Year", "Best Family Game", and "Best Game Artwork" from the Dice Tower Gaming Awards.

Below are just some of the games published by Days of Wonder:[2]

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