Deutsche Schule Istanbul

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Deutsche Schule Istanbul
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Established 1868
Type Private Coeducational
Director Richard Reinhold
Teaching staff 54 German Germany,
27 Turkish Turkey
Students 740
Grades For Germans: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12 For Turks: Prep, 9, 10, 11, 12
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Campus Urban
Colors Blue, White

The view of Galata Tower from the school

Deutsche Schule Istanbul (formal German name) or Özel Istanbul Alman Lisesi (formal Turkish name) or simply Alman Lisesi ("German School of Istanbul", in English) is one of the most prestigious high schools in Turkey. It was established in May 1868 for the children of German traders, artists, engineers and diplomats living in Istanbul. Because of the increasing number of students and the destruction of the building during the 1894 Istanbul earthquake, the school moved to its present building at Şahkulu Bostani Street in Beyoğlu. The school had a lot of troubles during the World War I, however, once the war was over, the school started to educate both German and Turkish students according to the German high school system from Kindergarten through high school.

Today, Turkish students have to take a highly competitive nationwide examination in Turkey and typically score among the top 5000 in order to attend the school. Deutsche Schule Istanbul offers its students education in German, including math, physics, biology, and chemistry, combined with social science courses in Turkish, mandatory English language classes, and optional French language classes. The school provides a strong foundation in sciences as well as in German and English language. Education through the 12th grade culminates with the optional German Abitur, and graduates go to the most prestigious universities in Turkey, Germany and the USA. Among the alumni are a number of very famous Turkish artists, scientists and politicians.

Deutsche Schule Istanbul has a view of the old Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

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