Elizabeth River, Tasmania

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Elizabeth River
Origin Lake Leake
Mouth Macquarie River
Basin countries Tasmania, Australia
Location 41°55′58″S 147°32′19″E / 41.93278°S 147.53861°E / -41.93278; 147.53861Coordinates: 41°55′58″S 147°32′19″E / 41.93278°S 147.53861°E / -41.93278; 147.53861
Length 59.6 km

The Elizabeth River in Tasmania is a small river with a length of 59.6 km. It is located in the northern midlands of Tasmania. It begins above Lake Leake and then flows south through Lake Leake and then flows west through the town of Campbell Town and then flows into the Macquarie River west of Campbell Town. The Red Bridge crosses the Elizabeth River at Campbell Town.