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Europe Airpost
Europe Airpost logo.svg
Founded 1991
Hubs Charles de Gaulle Airport
Fleet size 15
Parent company Air Contractors
Headquarters Tremblay-en-France, France

Europe Airpost is an airline based in the Bâtiment Le Séquoia in Tremblay-en-France.[2] It operates mail and cargo flights for the postal service and newspapers dispatch during the night and scheduled and charter services for other airlines and tour operators by day thanks to its fleet of Boeing 737-300QC ("Quick Change") aircraft that can be switched between cargo and passenger configuration in less than an hour. Its main base is Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.[3]


The airline's roots can be traced to the "Companie Générale Aéropostale" in 1927 that pioneered mail delivery between Europe, Africa and South America with famous pilots like Jean Mermoz and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It was originally part of Air France from 1947 to 1991 when it operated as Société d'Exploitation Aéropostale (SEA). It took on the current name in 2000 when it started services on its own for the French national postal service (La Poste). On March 14, 2008 Air Contractors of Ireland officially acquired the airline. The aircraft keep the former livery and call sign. It had 400 employees as of March 2007.[3]



Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300

As of April 2015, the Europe Airpost fleet consists of the following aircraft:[4]

Europe Airpost Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Usage
Boeing 737-300QC 6 Passenger and Cargo
Boeing 737-300F 3 Cargo
Boeing 737-400F 3 Cargo
Boeing 737-700 3 Passenger
Total 15

Europe Airpost also used to operate Airbus A300B4 and ATR 72-200 aircraft in the past.


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