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The Fangire Race (ファンガイア族 Fangaia Zoku?) are a fictional race of vampires in the 2008 Japanese Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Kiva.


The Fangires are stained glass-based vampires who feed off of the Life Energy (ライフエナジー Raifu Enajī?) of humans to survive. By using glass shards to drain the Life Energy to maintain their souls, members of the Fangire Race can assume human forms to hide within everyday society to feed in secret, revealing their forms when their skin takes a uniquely variant stained glass pattern. When a human's Life Energy is stolen by their Life-Sucking Fangs (吸命牙 Kyūmeiga?), the victim becomes transparent like glass; and in some cases the body will shatter when touched. Each Fangire belongs to a specific class based on the animal form it takes and each Fangire has a second name consisting of a long phrase which is referred to as its "true name". "Fangire" is a portmanteau of "fang" and "vampire".

A Fangire can live for far longer than human; at least three hundred years, barring being killed outright. Upon a natural death, the monster's physical body shatters like glass and collapses. The members of the Fangire Race destroyed by Kiva have their bodies destroyed, with their souls sealed within the Castle Doran's body before they can escape and eventually reform into a new body or clump with other Fangires' souls to form a giant aura monster called a Sabbat (サバト Sabato?). The modern version of Ixa, Kiva in Emperor Form, Saga, and Dark Kiva are able to destroy both body and soul. The Fangire Race is most prosperous of the 13 Demon Races (魔族 Mazoku?), which also includes the Kivat, Wolfen, Merman, Franken, Doran, Sagarc, and Legendorga races. According to Terebi-kun DX Data Book, the other clans are: Mermaid, Ghost, Gigant, Hobbit, and Goblin. In addition, humanity is unofficially counted as the 14th clan.

List of Fangires[edit]


Spider Fangire (スパイダーファンガイア Supaidā Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Capriccio of the Paradise with Light (光ある楽園の綺想曲 Hikari Aru Rakuen no Kisōkyoku?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class (インセクトクラス Insekuto Kurasu?)
    • Human Form: Ryo Itoya (糸矢 僚 Itoya Ryō?)
  • Actor: Sohto (創斗 Sōto?)
  • Episodes: 1, 5-6, 11-12, 25-26, Kamen Rider Decade (cameo in Episode 4)

An insane Fangire who uses hand puppets to talk to his prey, cowardly attacking weaker opponents. He first appears in 1986 at a funeral where Yuri attempts to kill him but he escapes via his invisibility ability. Since the event, Ryo begins stalking her, and even kidnapped her to have as his bride. Though Otoya lacks the strength to fight Ryo, Jiro manages to force the Spider Fangire to retreat.

At 2008, Ryo reintroduces himself while abducting Megumi due to the resemblance to her mother. Unfortunately, the Sheep Fangire's own obsession with Megumi proves a hindrance in Ryo's plan. When Ryo attempted to abduct Megumi personally, he gets attacked by Ixa, escaping when Kiva gets attacked himself and finding the rider's body along the shore, still living. With this bit of info, Ryo manages to get Keisuke to spare him for the moment and go after Megumi without fear of Ixa's interference, though it was only to serve in Keisuke's interests of getting Kiva out to the open, driving the Fangire off once he did his job. When the Bishop arrives, Ryo was used by him to awaken Mio as the new Queen, stealing the Ixa Knuckle as a result. After losing the Ixa Knuckle due to his attraction to Megumi, he is later severely beaten by Kiva in Emperor Form before he was completely destroyed by Mio, fully awakened as the new Queen.[1]


Horse Fangire (ホースファンガイア Hōsu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Sincerity and Melancholy that the Twin Impostors Dream About (双子のペテン師が夢見る、誠実と憂鬱 Futago no Petenshi ga Yume Miru, Seijitsu to Yūutsu?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class (ビーストクラス Bīsuto Kurasu?)
    • Human Form: Kaoru Tsugami (津上 カオル Tsugami Kaoru?)
  • Actor: Nobuo Kyō (姜 暢雄 Kyō Nobuo?)
    • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Episodes: 1
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Kiva Form's Darkness Moon Break; Den-O Sword Form's Full Charge - Extreme Slash (Climax Deka)

Wielding a sword as his weapon and able to breathe mist, the Horse Fangire poses as a successful company manager in 1986, feeding on his secretaries until Yuri attempts to kill him. However, Otoya's interference allows him to escape.

By 2008, the Horse Fangire assumes the identity of a teen model agent, targeting Megumi. Due to Megumi's trickery, the Horse Fangire ends up being destroyed by Kiva and sealed in Castle Doran.

Another Horse Fangire is present during the events of Climax Deka, accompanying the Pink Rabbit Imagin as they fight Den-O and the Tarōs. He is destroyed by Den-O Sword Form.[2]


Octopus Fangire (オクトパスファンガイア Okutopasu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Lady Portrait Torn in a Full Moon (満月に引き裂かれた貴婦人の肖像 Mangetsu ni Hikisakareta Kifujin no Shōzō?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class (アクアクラス Akua Kurasu?)
    • Human Form: Hitomi Miyazawa (宮澤 ひとみ Miyazawa Hitomi?)
  • Actor: Masako Umemiya (梅宮 万紗子 Umemiya Masako?)
  • Episodes: 2
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Kiva Form's Darkness Moon Break

Wielding a violin and learning under Otoya, the Octopus Fangire lures humans to feed on, usually other female violinists. In 1986, Yuri is ordered by Mamoru Shima to protect Hitomi Miyazawa, until she realizes that she is the Fangire. Her abilities include shooting ink-balls from her mouth, shooting tentacles from her body, and morphing her feet into skates. After her violin is damaged in the fight with Yuri, Hitomi is forced to go into hiding as Otoya refuses to help her anymore for using his teachings in a perverted way.

Later in 2008, Hitomi gets Wataru to repair her violin, targeting Megumi for her mother's act against her, but Kiva's interference gives Megumi time to destroy the violin. The Octopus Fangire attempts to flee, but ends up being outmatched by Kiva and destroyed before being sealed in Castle Doran.[3]


Moth Fangire (モスファンガイア Mosu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Well Named Corruption (背徳という名の井戸 Haitoku Toiu Na no Ido?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
    • Human Form: Aya Natsukawa (夏川 綾 Natsukawa Aya?)
  • Actor: Misato Tachibana (橘 実里 Tachibana Misato?)
  • Episodes: 3-4
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Garulu Form's Garulu Howling Slash

Able to spray powder and armed with a sword, the Moth Fangire first appeared in 1986 when she fell in love with Otoya when he was playing his violin in a garden. However, the fact he ignored her broke the Fangire's heart, driving her to attack Otoya, but Yuri's interference forces the Moth Fangire to escape, but vows to get back at Otoya.

She resurfaces later in 2008 as a lawyer, tracking down Otoya with a list of the other people he victimized 22 years ago other than herself, finding Wataru instead to be the bearer of her wrath. She later attempts to kill Megumi at a baseball field until Kiva arrives to save her. But due to Wataru's current crisis at the time with his knowledge of his father's past, the Fangire manages to evade him. But when her two humans accomplices, also victimized by Otoya, decide to bury the hatchet after seeing Wataru's sacrifice, Natsukawa turns on them and kills them. When Wataru arrives, the Moth Fangire reveals herself to Kiva as she overpowers him until the Garulu Saber is summoned.[4]


Sheep Fangire (シープファンガイア Shīpu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Clown Dances with a Turkey at a Fireplace (道化師は暖炉で七面鳥と踊る Dōkeshi wa Danro de Shichimenchō to Odoru?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Noboru Kuramae (倉前 昇 Kuramae Noboru?)
  • Actor: Mitsuyoshi Shinoda (篠田 光亮 Shinoda Mitsuyoshi?)
    • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Episodes: 5-6
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Basshaa Form's Basshaa Aqua Tornado

Using a pistol as his weapon and able to move at a fast speed, the Sheep Fangire appears in 2008, stalking Megumi under order from the Spider Fangire. Though halted by Kiva Garulu Form, Keisuke's interference gives the Fangire time to kidnap Megumi. Though he did his part, Noboru grew obsessed with Megumi, driving the Spider Fangire away to have her for himself. But Kiva intervenes, assuming Basshaa Form to shatter the Fangire and feed his soul to Castle Doran.[5]


Prawn Fangire (プローンファンガイア Purōn Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Candlestick and the Compass Promise a Party (燭台と方位磁石が契る宴 Shokudai to Hōijishaku ga Chigiru Utage?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
    • Human Form: Count Inukai (犬飼伯爵 Inukai Hakushaku?)
  • Actor: Sakaki (咲輝 Sakaki?)
    • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Episodes: 7-8

Able to shoot foam and use a halberd, the Prawn Fangire worried for the well-being of his kind's existence and sought a means to revive those who died losing their souls. His plan comes to fruition in 2008, becoming a chef of the 5-star Maison Sel'cour, targeting couples who attend his restaurant to take their Life Energy, their souls fattened with his special sauces, in order to use the collected energy in reviving his Fangire servants whose remains he had been safeguarding. But instead of being destroyed by Kiva, the Prawn Fangire sacrificed himself to complete the resurrections, with the revived members of the Fangire Race merged into a Sabbat. Kiva manages to destroy the Sabbat with Castle Doran's help.[6]


Frog Fangire (フロッグファンガイア Furoggu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Evolutionary Theory's Golden Ratio Will Be Buried Between Papers (進化論の間紙に黄金比は埋葬される Shinkaron no Kanshi ni Ōgonhi wa Maisō sareru?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
    • Human Form: Takeo Ōmura (大村 武男 Ōmura Takeo?)
  • Actor: Katsuyuki Murai (村井 克行 Murai Katsuyuki?)
  • Episodes: 9-10

Using a sword and a rifle, the Frog Fangire can fire energy warts on his shoulders. In 1986, Ōmura created the Black Star violin, attacking any he found not to have respect for his creation. He attacked Yuri for that reason before being driven off by Garulu. Later, Ōmura encounters Otoya after he stole the Black Star from Yuri, with Otoya's music soothing Ōmura to see Otoya as a worthy owner in spite of Otoya turning him down. However, Otoya has Ōmura promise to not feed on humans again, helping him escape to start his life anew with the disposing of the Black Star as the first step.

In 2008, Ōmura keeps a music player that plays Otoya's music, a calming mechanism to keep him from breaking his promise. However, while taking a break, Ōmura is driven into a frenzy after hearing a rock group and lashes on them before fighting Kiva, the both exposing themselves to the other. After Wataru saves him from Keisuke, Ōmura reveals what happened in the past. However, Keisuke refused to accept it, provoking Ōmura into attacking people with Kiva almost forced to kill him. Though Ōmura regained his senses and ran off, he was found by Keisuke and mortally wounded by Ixa's Ixa Judgement. By the time Wataru arrived, Ōmura apologizes for breaking his word before he dies. [7]


Earwig Fangire (イヤーウィッグファンガイア Iyāwiggu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: A Sealed Fossil or a Sewing Machine (封印された化石、もしくは縫製機械 Fūin Sareta Kaseki, Moshikuha Hōsei Kikai?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Episodes: 11
  • Destroyed by: 1986 Ixa's Broken Fang

Attacking Yuri after she meddled in his feeding, the Earwig Fangire was the first Fangire to be destroyed by the Ixa technology in its prototype stage.[8]


Rhinoceros Fangire (ライノセラスファンガイア Rainoserasu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Cape with the Shipwreck and the Scarlet Sands (緋色の砂と難破船のある岬 Hiiro no Suna to Nanpasen no Aru Misaki?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Tohru Miyake (三宅 徹 Miyake Tōru?)
  • Actor: Satoshi Jinbo (神保 悟志 Jinbo Satoshi?)
  • Episodes: 13-14
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Dogga Form's Dogga Thunder Slap

Since 1986, Miyake poses as a Chief Manager of the Atelier Dreams talent agency, seeking young people working towards their dreams and taking their photo. Once he has them in his trap, he takes not only their Life Energy, but a cherish possession relating to their dreams as a trophy in his "Dream Graveyard" collection.

In 2008, he tries to sucker Wataru into his trap, he is annoyed that the boy refuses and takes his suggestion to make Kengo a star. Kiva encounters Miyake in his true form, unable to defeat the Rhinoceros Fangire in Basshaa Form. When he learns that Miyake is the Fangire, Wataru takes his methods personally and protects Kengo from him, assuming Dogga Form to overpower him.[9]


Seastar Fangire (シースターファンガイア Shīsutā Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Proposition Related to the Guillotine and the Nest Box (断頭台と巣箱に共通する命題 Dantōdai to Subako ni Kyōtsū suru Meidai?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
    • Human Form: Sakichi Sakaguchi (坂口 佐吉 Sakaguchi Sakichi?)
  • Actor: Shuhei Kii (紀伊 修平 Kii Shūhei?)
  • Episodes: 17-18
  • Destroyed by: Kiva DoGaBaKi Form's Darkness Moon Break

A maniacal Fangire that usually attacks by discharging electricity from the centre of his body and targets female athletes, targeting Mami as a result as she is haunted by the sound of his Life-Sucking Fangs. Posing as a criminal that Keisuke is pursuing, the Seastar Fangire played a part in putting Keisuke on the brink of madness by tormenting him in various ways. Though he overpowered Kiva in his normal form, the Seastar Fangire was no match for Kiva's DoGaBaKi form. With the Fangire destroyed, his hold over Mami faded.[10]


Ladybug Fangire (レディバグファンガイア Redibagu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Any Casino has a Drying Vanity (どのカジノも虚栄に乾いている Dono Kajino mo Kyoei ni Kawaiteiru?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Ryūsei Nakao (中尾 隆聖 Nakao Ryūsei?)
  • Episodes: 19-20
  • Destroyed by: 2008 Ixa's Ixa Judgement

The Ladybug Fangire is the first known Fangire who can fly and has no known human form. He uses this ability to get the best of Kiva, Nago, Kengo, and Megumi, who cannot bring it upon herself to use the Ixa Knuckle against him. After being destroyed by Ixa, the Fangire's body explodes and its dispersed soul reforms itself into a Sabbat where it is shortly destroyed by the teamwork of Kiva and Ixa along with Castle Doran and Powerd Ixer.[11]


Chameleon Fangire (カメレオンファンガイア Kamereon Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Married Couple Hidden in the Salt Crystal Lattice (塩の結晶格子に潜む夫妻 Shio no Kesshō Kōshi ni Hisomu Fusai?)
    • Tribe: Lizard Class (リザードクラス Rizādo Kurasu?)
    • Human Form: Yamashita (山下 Yamashita?)
  • Actor: Yūrei Yanagi (柳 ユーレイ Yanagi Yūrei?)
  • Episodes: 21-22
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Dogga Form's Dogga Thunder Slap

Posed as a clothing salesman in 1986, Yamashita runs Luxur and uses its clothing to track down his female prey. But in one incident, he encountered Dogga and was forced to flee for his life. Yamashita was later exposed when he fell for a trap set up by Yuri and Otoya, going into hiding. In 2008, the Chameleon Fangire resumes his method through Casuar, managing to elude both Ixa and Kiva before either can kill him. He later attacks Mio, whose true nature he realized before being attacked by Kiva. Though he manages to catch Kiva offguard with invisibility, Kiva uses the Dogga Form's True Eye to pinpoint his location and shatter him.[12]


Grizzly Fangire (グリズリーファンガイア Gurizurī Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Funeral and the Carpenter's Secret Pact (葬儀屋と大工が交わした密約 Sōgiya to Daiku ga Kawashita Mitsuyaku?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Shinji Takeuchi (竹内 伸二 Takeuchi Shinji?)
  • Actor: Kenji Mizuhashi (水橋 研二 Mizuhashi Kenji?)
  • Episodes: 23-24

The Grizzly Fangire is one of the few Fangire who betray their kind by falling in love with a human, living with his wife Ryōko (涼子?) whom he married in 1985. In 1986, after saving his marriage and planting a silk tree with his wife, Shinji is confronted by Queen, unintentionally saved by Otoya. By 2008, Ryōko is dying from a fatal disease with Shinji stealing jewelry to give to her as presents. But thanks to Wataru, Shinji manages to grant Ryōko her final request to see the tree that they planted, learning that she knows he was never human and still loves him anyway. But with his wife dead, Shinji goes berserk and attacks Ixa before attempting to kill Mio after determining her true identity as the new Queen. The attempt on Mio's life leads Wataru to unlock the true power hidden within Kiva and uses Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break to mortally wound the Grizzly Fangire as he crawls to Ryōko's body to see her one last time.[13]


Shark Fangire (シャークファンガイア Shāku Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Stamps that Reach the Ash Higan (灰の彼岸へと到る切手 Hai no Higan e to Itaru Kitte?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
  • Voice: Daisuke Endō (遠藤 大輔 Endō Daisuke?)
  • Episodes: 25, 38, 46-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break, Saga's Snaking Death-Break (revived)

The Shark Fangire is recruited by the Bishop to aid Ryo in attacking Mio so she can become the Queen by force, being the one who killed everyone around her. While supporting the Spider Fangire in hunting down Mio, they are forced to fight Kiva before he is shattered by the Emperor Moon Break.[14]


Cicada Fangire (シケーダファンガイア Shikēda Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Dressing Table Grieving the Half Brother's Strange Attitude (異母兄の衒奇を憂う化粧台 Ibokei no Genki o Ureu Keshōdai?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Takashi Mito (三戸 崇史 Mito Takashi?)
  • Episodes: 27-28, 38-39
  • Destroyed by: Rising Ixa's Final Rising Blast, Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash (1st and 2nd revived)

Appearing in 1986, the Cicada Fangire was shocked that Maya was not performing her duties as Queen, deciding to kill the artist Tanahashi to have her resume her duties. Originally, the Cicada Fangire was originally shattered by Ixa's Broken Fang, resulting with Tanahashi severely injured and bent on getting revenge on the Fangire Hunters in the present. However, Nago manages to negate this to ensure that his team is not arrested while allowing the Cicada Fangire to survive. Appearing in 2008 to aid the Crab Fangire, the Cicada Fangire is shattered by Nago successfully using Ixa's Rising form.[15]


Crab Fangire (クラブファンガイア Kurabu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Decoy That Imitated a Sternum and a Dictionary (辞書や胸骨を模した囮 Jisho ya Kyōkotsu o Moshita Otori?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
  • Voice: Takayuki Masuda (増田 隆之 Masuda Takayuki?)
  • Episodes: 27-28
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Howling Slash

Able to spit acidic foam from his mouth, the Crab Fangire took advantage of the Fangire Hunters' crisis to go on a feeding spree until Nago altered the past. In the ensuing fight, Kiva snaps the Crab Fangire's right hand off before shattering him.[16]


Warthog Fangire (ウォートホッグファンガイア Wōtohoggu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Propeller Kingdom's Collapse (プロペラ王国の崩壊 Puropera Ōkoku no Hōkai?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Aberu (阿鐘 Aberu?)
  • Actor: Akira Kubodera (窪寺 昭 Kubodera Akira?)
  • Episodes: 29-31, 38-39, 46-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break, Rising Ixa's Final Rising Blast (1st revived), Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash (2nd revived)

Wearing a cowboy outfit, Aberu is one of the Fangires who seeks to become the new King of the Checkmate Four. To that end, he targets any human with special abilities who may be the current King-to-be.[17]


Moose Fangire (ムースファンガイア Mūsu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Sun, or a Furrow Carved into a Fisheye (太陽、あるいは魚の目に刻まれた轍 Taiyō, Arui wa Uonome ni Kizamareta Tetsu?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Kurosawa (黒沢 Kurosawa?)
  • Actor: Kazuoki (和興 Kazuoki?)
  • Episodes: 32-33, 38-39, 46-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Thunder Slap, Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash (1st and 2nd revived)

One of the Checkmate Four's most loyal servants, Kurosawa promised Maya that on his life that he would guard Taiga. However, he worries for Maya getting too close to humans. In 2008, Kurosawa continues that vow as Taiga's aid in the D&P Company, serving as an assassin to take out humans who may revolutionize the world. However, when he attempts to kill Mio for following the same path as Maya, Taiga disowns Kurosawa and drives him off on the vow to kill him if he ever pulls a stunt like that again. But when Kurosawa attempts to kill Numakawa, he is found by Kiva and destroyed when Kiva uses the Dogga Hammer in Emperor Form.[18]

Moose Fangire is summoned by the Kamen Rider Ayakashi Chinomanako in the Kamen Rider Decade/Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover. He is destroyed by Shinken Pink, Shinken Green and Shinken Gold.


Tortoise Fangire (トータスファンガイア Tōtasu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: A Steep Slope Winking at a Lining (粘膜にウインクする坂道 Nenmaku ni Uinku suru Sakamichi?)
    • Tribe: Lizard Class
    • Human Form: Numakawa (沼川 Numakawa?)
  • Actor: Makoto Sakamoto (坂本 真 Sakamoto Makoto?)
  • Episodes: 32-33
  • Destroyed by: Saga's Snaking Death-Break

The Tortoise Fangire is one of the few Fangires who betray their kind by falling in love with a human. He is confronted by Mio and escapes her after she begins doubting the reason for her duties as Queen. Though he escapes her a second time, Numakawa is ambushed by Kurosawa and weakened as Kiva arrives to fight the Moose Fangire. Running from the fight, the Tortoise Fangire runs into Taiga, who personally punishes Numakawa for the unforgivable act of aiding humanity in progressing forward through his idea to turn water into a new energy source.[19]


Horsefly Fangire (ホースフライファンガイア Hōsufurai Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Decaying Fish and the Poetry Anthology Filled Cradle (腐敗した魚と詩集の詰まった揺籃 Fuhai shita Sakana to Shishū no Tsumatta Yōran?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
    • Human Form: Kaede ( Kaede?)
  • Actor: Tomomi Miyashita (宮下 ともみ Miyashita Tomomi?)
  • Episodes: 34-35, 46-Finale (male)
  • Destroyed by: Saga's Snaking Death-Break

A Fangire held by ex-Wonderful Blue Sky Organization scientist Dr. Kanda (神田博士 Kanda Hakase?) in his Evolved Lifeform Research Lab, she was used as a test subject in the man's Fangire research, force fed her captured kin's life energies and becoming stronger as result, using that power to severely wound Rising Ixa. However, in spite of how it seemed, Kaede was using Kanda from the start and had no more need of him in her schemes. After killing Kanda, the Horsefly Fangire kidnaps Mio to become even more powerful. However, this act infuriates Taiga as he executes Kaede for her cannibalism and attempt on Mio's life.[20]

A male version of the Horsefly Fangire is among the Fangires revived by Bishop, attacking Nago and Megumi until Wataru intervened and Nago killed the monster as Rising Ixa.


Rat Fangire (ラットファンガイア Ratto Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Black Death (黒い死 Kuroi Shi?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
  • Voice: Ryuzou Ishino (石野 竜三 Ishino Ryūzō?)
  • Episodes: 36-37, 46-Finale, Adventure Battle DVD
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break (1st Rat Fangire), Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash

The Rat Fangire is a speed fighter who uses pistols or swords as weapons. Appearing in 1986, he is first targeted by Yuri until he attempts to kill her. When Maya interferes and intentionally tries to kill him, the Rat Fangire sought revenge on any Fangire entitled the Queen of the Checkmate Four. By 2008, the Rat Fangire developed the ability to multiply himself, overwhelming opponents with an army of clones until they are all shattered by Kiva Emperor Form with the Zanvat Sword in hand.[21]


Mantis Fangire (マンティスファンガイア Mantisu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Deads' Miscalculation = The 4:36 Lie (亡者の誤算=4時36分の嘘 Mōja no Gosan wa Yoji Sanjūroppun no Uso?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Tora Take (武 虎 Take Tora?)
  • Episodes: 38-39, 46-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash

The Mantis Fangire carries a scythe and drags a casket that holds the remains of Fangires, resurrecting them as mindless slaves to his will with intent on killing Maya for her transgressions. After Kiva decimated his army, the Mantis attempted to revive a new army, only to be impaled by the Zanvat Sword as it pierced through into the casket.[22]


Seamoon Fangire (シームーンファンガイア Sīmūn Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Melancholic Cohabitation of the Grapes and the Radiator (ラジエーターと葡萄の陰鬱な同棲 Rajiētā to Budō no In'utsu na Dōsei?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
  • Voice: Yūichi Ishigami (石上 裕一 Ishigami Yūichi?)
  • Episodes: 40-41, 46-Finale

The Seamoon Fangire is under Bishop, attacking people with Ixa's users confronting him. Though outmatched by Kiva, the Seamoon Fangire was killed by a Mother Sagarc Taiga summoned to kill Kiva.[23]


Silkmoth Fangire (シルクモスファンガイア Shirukumosu Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Sincerity Flowed from a Poison Bottle (毒薬の瓶から誠意が溢れた Dokuyaku no Bin kara Seii ga Afureta?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Masako Katsuki (勝生 真沙子 Katsuki Masako?)
  • Episodes: 42-43, Finale
  • Destroyed by: 1986 Ixa's Broken Fang

The Silkmoth Fangire is the keeper of the Lost Woods where Castle Doran dwells. Silkmoth Fangire utilizes the Mirage Trident (ミラージュトライデント Mirāju Toraidento?) and displayed almost-godly powers while in her forest domain. Though she was driven off by Maya, the Silkworm Fangire's attempt to keep Otoya and Yuri from escaping ended with her killed by Otoya using the Ixa System.[24]


Sungazer Fangire (サンゲイザーファンガイア Sangeizā Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Afterimage of a Crash Connected to the Water Surface (水面に連鎖する墜落の残像 Suimen ni Rensa suru Tsuiraku no Zanzō?)
    • Tribe: Lizard Class
  • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Episodes: 42-43

A Sungazer Fangire ambushed Shima while he was visiting Yuri's gravestone, putting him on the brink of death. However, Taiga transfers some of the Fangire's essence into Shima with Dr. Kanda's machine to heal him. As a result, Shima is unable to control himself until he gets used to his new Fangire powers before being seemingly killed by Saga, spirited away to receive medical attention with the Fangire influence removed.[25]

Polar Bear[edit]

Polar Bear Fangire (ポーラベアーファンガイア Pōra Beā Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: Commandment to the Dissipating Spices (淫蕩なる香辛料への戒め Intō naru Kōshinryō e no Imashime?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
  • Voice: Daisuke Egawa (江川 大輔 Egawa Daisuke?)
  • Episodes: 44, 46-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's Final Zanvat Slash and 1986 Ixa's Broken Fang

Appearing in 1986, the Polar Bear Fangire was the first to target Maya after she was stripped of her powers, hoping to find an excuse to kill her. The Fangire attacks with his fast speed, spitting needles from the mouth and wielding a large sword. In the end, he was destroyed by the teamwork of Kiva and Ixa.[26]

Checkmate Four[edit]

The Checkmate Four (チェックメイト・フォー Chekkumeito Fō?) are the four most powerful members of the Fangire race, each bearing a tattoo of the chess piece they are named after. These four Fangires receive the titles of Rook the hunter, Bishop the keeper of Fangire laws, Queen (クイーン Kuīn?), and King (キング Kingu?), the rulers of Fangires. In 1986, the Checkmate Four were based in Castle Doran. By 2008, only Bishop and Rook remained as they recruit a new Queen and King.


Lion Fangire (ライオンファンガイア Raion Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Creation of Heaven and Earth. Listening to the Baby's Cry and the Angry Roar (天地開闢。産声と怒号を聞きながら Tenchikaibyaku. Ubugoe to Dogō o Kiki Nagara?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Rook (ルーク Rūku?)
  • Actor: Tomohide Takahara (高原 知秀 Takahara Tomohide?)
  • Episodes: 11, 15-16, 19-20, 25-26, 29-31, Finale
  • Destroyed by: 2008 Ixa's Ixa Judgement

The first of the Checkmate Four to appear in the series, he can shoot out needles from the tip of his fingers while in his Fangire form. Rook's actions in 1986 include the murder of Yuri's mother and the slaughter of the Wolfen Race. Being a strong Fangire, the Rook defeats Ixa and Jiro in early confrontations prior to his resting after his near-death experience at the hands of Yuri and company. In 2008, after awakening from his rest, the Rook has somehow lost his memories and befriends Wataru and Shizuka, and they call him "Dai-chan" (大ちゃん Daichan?). The Rook later regains his memories as a Fangire upon seeing the site of one of his 1986 battles. Easily defeating Kiva, he summons a golden Sabbat to kill Kiva in his place, only to have it destroyed by the Powerd Ixer. The Rook later resurfaces to commit good deeds in a game to get to heaven, found by Megumi as she eventually kills him by targeting the weak point her mother made on him.[27]

Pearlshell (Mio)[edit]

Pearlshell Fangire (パールシェルファンガイア Pārusheru Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: A Dress like an Isolation Cell (独房のようなドレス Dokubō no yō na Doresu?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
    • Human Form: Mio Suzuki (鈴木 深央 Suzuki Mio?)
  • Actor: Yuria Haga (芳賀 優里亜 Haga Yuria?)
  • Episodes: 31-43

As successor to Maya, the previous Queen, Mio assumes a blue-colored version of her predecessor's Fangire form after she is given an anklet by the Bishop and meets her predestined consort, Taiga. As the new Pearlshell Fangire, Mio can generate several pearls that act as an extension of her will in attacking her enemies. In the end, she is executed by the Bishop after being wounded by Kiva Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break, dying in Wataru's arms before she shatters.[28]

Pearlshell (Maya)[edit]

Pearlshell Fangire (パールシェルファンガイア Pārusheru Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Blood Relatives of the Grim Nüwa (冷厳なる女鍋の血族 Reigen naru Joka no Ketsuzoku?)
    • Tribe: Aqua Class
    • Human Form: Maya (真夜 Maya?)
  • Actor: Saki Kagami (加賀美 早紀 Kagami Saki?)
  • Episodes: 32-44

The second of the original Checkmate Four to appear in the series, pinkish in color, she can generate several pearls that act as an extension of her will in attacking her enemies. She first assumes her form when attacked by Dogga. She assumed this form many times until King stripped away her powers. [29]


Swallowtail Fangire (スワローテイルファンガイア Suwarōteiru Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Ascetic and a Left Foot Sock (禁欲家と左足だけの靴下 Kin'yokuka to Hidariashi dake no Kutsushita?)
    • Tribe: Insect Class
    • Human Form: Bishop (ビショップ Bishoppu?)
  • Actor: Mitsu Murata (村田 充 Murata Mitsu?)
  • Episodes: 34-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Rising Ixa's Ixa Judgement

The Bishop of the Checkmate Four is the third member of the Checkmate Four to appear in the series, revealing his true form as the Swallowtail Fangire to both Wataru and Nago in 2008. In this form, he can spray powder, wield a sword and can also dissolve into powder by means of escaping. Most of the time he was the opponent to Ixa, having defeated him in several occasions until at the end, he is finally destroyed by Rising Ixa but before the Bishop dies, he uses his own soul to complete the resurrection of the revived Bat Fangire.[30]


Bat Fangire (バットファンガイア Batto Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • True Name: The Dawn Sleeps, A Magnificent Story's Ending (暁が眠る、素晴らしき物語の果て Akatsuki ga Nemuru, Subarashiki Monogatari no Hate?)
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: King (キング Kingu?)
  • Actor: Shinya Niiro (新納 慎也 Niiro Shin'ya?)
  • Episodes: 45-Finale
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Emperor Form's and Dark Kiva's Snaking Death-Break/Emperor Moon Break Combo (revived)

The Bat Fangire is the true form of the previous King of the Checkmate Four in 1986, usually assuming this form when he cannot transform into Dark Kiva. But after Otoya assumes the mantle of Kiva, King assumes his Fangire form to battle him. In the end, the King is severely weakened by the teamwork of both Kiva and Dark Kiva and has his title transferred to the young Taiga after the infant indirectly kills him by deflecting his attack, also saving Maya's life.

In the present day, Bishop manages to resurrect the previous King, though in a more demonic version of his Fangire form without a conscious mind who is motivated to kill those bearing his title. Although the Bat Fangire had overpowered both Kiva and Dark Kiva, the two Riders successfully destroyed him by teamwork.[31]

Movie Fangires[edit]

Two Fangire Race members appear in Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World.


Antlion Fangire (アントライオンファンガイア Antoraion Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • Tribe: Insect Class
  • Voice: Katsumi Shiono
  • Destroyed by: Kiva Kiva Form's Darkness Moon Break

Assuming the form of an American man, the Antlion Fangire attempts to feed at the Great Ancient Exhibition when Megumi intervened. Though overpowered by Nago, the Antlion Fangire is converted into the Antlion Legendorga (アントライオンレジェンドルガ Antoraion Rejendoruga?) through the Mummy Legendorga's Control Death Mask, becoming his master's shield before they escape. The Antlion Fangire is later summoned during the Legendorgas' fight with Kiva, and is destroyed by the Rider.


Zebra Fangire (ゼブラファンガイア Zebura Fangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • Tribe: Beast Class
    • Human Form: Sanjō (三条 Sanjō?)
  • Actor: Toshihiko Seki (関 俊彦 Seki Toshihiko?)
  • Destroyed by: Ixa's Broken Fang

Sanjō is a penetentiary officer at the prison where Takashi Sugimura was held in until he lost his temper with the imprisoned Otoya after being knocked out by him and was forced to reveal himself, attacking his fellow officers while going at Otoya until Yuri arrives with the Ixa Knuckle that Otoya uses on him.


Neo-Fangire (ネオファンガイア Neofangaia?)
  • Statistics
    • Tribe: Neo Class (ネオクラス Neo Kurasu?)
    • Episodes: Finale

The Neo-Fangire are a new race of Fangire from the year 2030, that are trying to make their way into present as Wataru, Nago, Taiga, Masao, Jiro, Ramon, and Riki transform into Kiva Emperor Form, Rising Ixa, Dark Kiva, New Kiva, Garulu, Basshaa, and Dogga respectively to face this new threat. The Neo-Fangire have a similar design to a giant UFO.


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